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   Chapter 589 Made Great Progress

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The news that Wendy was going to train in the race track spread quickly. Many people stopped what they were doing and began to inquire around.

"Where can I watch this?" People around the race track pointed at the big screen and asked.

The staff explained with a smile, "You can watch in the spectators' seats of the formula racing track, or you can watch in the restaurant while eating."

"How to get to the formula racing track?"

"You can see the sign when you walk out of here. You can go to the formula racing track according to the route on the sign."

"Okay, thank you!"

Many people were about to ask, but when they heard that someone had asked, they immediately walked out in flocks.

Because of the large-scale movement of the crowd, the security guards in the venue also hurriedly maintained order. "Don't worry, everyone. Take your time. Wendy won't start the race so soon. Don't worry! "

"When will she start?" Someone asked.

"I don't know the specific time. Anyway, it won't be that fast. She just changed her racing suit. Generally speaking, she has to do warm-up exercises before starting training." The security guard explained in a loud voice.

"That's good. Let's wait until the ferrycar comes."

Because there were too many people, the ferry car was full of people as soon as it arrived. It was difficult to get on the ferry car.

In the end, many people had no choice but to walk there in case of wasting time.

The racing track was very large. It was a long way to go to the formula racing track from the go-kart track.

Many people who chose to walk were exhausted to death, but in order to see the professional racing driver, they were painful and happy.

Brain drove the racing car back to the maintenance area. He was still absent-minded when he came out of the racing car.

His good friend couldn't help laughing when he saw him like this. "Is it so terrifying?"

Brain shook his head excitedly, "No, it's not terrifying! I was so excited! I can't calm down now. It's so funny! "

Some adults ga

looked at Brain in surprise.

The five red lights went out at the same time, and Wendy and Steve's racing cars immediately sped away.

Many people sat in the spectators' seats and watched the racing for a few hours. Because they didn't know how to drive a racing car, they didn't dare to drive too fast.

Now they had personally seen and felt the professional racing driver driving an F1 racing car!

The deafening sound of the engine resounded through the whole racing track, and all the people who were racing stopped one after another. "Wow! What was this sound? I was scared to death! "

Someone explained, "Wendy and Steve are competing."

People immediately drove back and looked up at the big screen on the wall.

The spectators was the closest to the track. Looking at the racing car whistling past, they were excited. "Oh my God, it's too fast! I can't see clearly what the racing car looks like. It just flashed by. "

Some of them covered their ears with their hands. They felt that they were going to be deaf if their voices were too loud!

Wendy and Steve didn't take it as a performance race. They were really training, not deliberately showing off their skills to amaze the spectators.

Seeing that Wendy kept trying to overtake, but was perfectly guarded by Steve, Brain's eyes lit up. "Steve is not bad! He has made great progress! "

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