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   Chapter 588 Customized Racing Car

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However, there were also some people who were unhappy. A fat man who looked about twenty-eight years old roared discontentedly, "What are you doing! Why don't you buy a bigger racing car? "

The staff hurried to explain, "Our racing cars are strictly made according to the requirements of the race. I hope you can understand!"

"I have a big order to discuss today. In order to experience formula racing, I specially postponed the meeting. But you tell me, I'm too fat to play! How can I accept it? You go to the store to buy clothes. They are all in small size and large size. Why don't you divide your racing cars in small size and large size? "

Being pointed at and scolded like this, the staff didn't show any anger and embarrassment on his face. "I'm sorry, sir. We only have this kind of racing car. Of course, if you really want to experience it, you can choose to customize your own formula racing car. Because it's customized according to your figure, and the safety performance will be greatly improved. "

"Customized?" Hearing that he could experience formula racing, the man hurriedly asked, "How to customize? How about the price? "

"If you want to know more about the customized racing car, you can consult my colleague there." The staff pointed.

The man walked over in a hurry, and many people who were curious about the customized racing cars followed him.

The staff explained to the man in detail and then sent him the price list.

The other people around them shouted in surprise, "What, what? Even the most basic cost should be twelve million? That's too much! "

"Yes, and it's more horrible here. The daily maintenance costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. It's too expensive!"

"The price is enough for me to buy two Shadows."

"Yes! At least I buy a Shadow and can drive everywhere in the country. The racing car can't be driven to the road, so it can only be stored here. It's not worthwhile! "

"Yes, I can afford it if I just order an formula racing car, but the maintenance cost will be a lot of money for a year!"


At most, the racing car was destroyed and disassembled, and you'll be slightly injured. You should not die and only need to compensate the money for the racing car."

"No one wants to get hurt!"

"That's why they chose to race with Formula Renault car for safety."

While they were discussing, the customers of the first group drove faster and faster without the safety car leading them.

Looking at the racing car on the big screen, the customers in the maintenance area were very excited. They would arrive soon.

Time passed quickly. Two racing cars drove back to the maintenance area. The staff changed the corresponding racing chair, and it was the turn of the next group of customers experiencing the racing.

As time went by, the temperature inside the racing car was high, and with the help of the gravity when racing, many people were hungry and thirsty. There was a restaurant in the venue. Everyone went to the restaurant to eat while enjoying the air conditioner, and they discussed the feeling of experience with everyone.

The spectators' seats burst into a burst of cheers. Everyone curiously looked up at the big screen hanging on the wall.

Wendy and Steve appeared in the screen, talking and laughing. The two of them didn't wear casual clothes, but had changed into racing suits.

"Ahhh! They are wearing racing suits. Are they going to race here too? "

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