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   Chapter 587 A Sea Of People

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"I've checked it. It doesn't say that we have to pay for the ticket. We can just go there and have a look."

"How could they do such a bad business?"

Someone curiously went to the micro-blog of Dragon and asked if they needed to charge for the ticket?

The micro-blog editor replied, "No charge. Welcome."

The netizens said excitedly, "We can really watch it for free! Excellent! Although I can't afford it, it's good to have a close look! "

"Let's go there this Saturday!"


Leaning against each other, Wendy and Harold browsed the comments of the netizens on micro-blog.

Except for most people who thought it was expensive, many other people were looking forward to the opening of the race track.

The cost of racing was already very high. In addition to the daily maintenance of the racing car, it was also responsible for the maintenance of the racing track and venue. This cost was not small.

It was also destined that the price of the racing project would not be cheap, and they would take the high-end customized route.

On the day of opening, Wendy and Harold went to the racetrack in the suburb. The media reporters had arrived at the scene early.

The long-awaited customers also came here. Exquisite and luxurious cars lined up at the gate of the racing track.

The security guards of the racing track hurriedly commanded the traffic and guided the car to the underground parking lot.

The auspicious time came slowly. Ken hadn't slept for many days because of this day.

Looking at the dark circles in Ken's eyes, Wendy sighed, "You should take care of yourself, Ken."

"I'm fine."

"You're fine? You don't look good! "

Seeing that Wendy was looking at him with concern, Ken waved his hand and smiled. "I'm really fine. I'm just a little busy recently and haven't slept well. When the racing track is on track, I can feel more relaxed. "

Although Ken said so, Wendy still reminded him not to carry anything on his shoulder.

Ken's assistant came to inform them that the auspicious time had come. They walked to the gate of the racing track and looked at the dense crowd, but they could not see the end at a glance.

It seem

o the keyboard and one changed the gear by it.

Originally, some people were very impatient and thought that they should directly experience racing.

Now after listening to the explanation, everyone knew that there were so many knowledge about formula racing and they could not go to drive easily.

After the training, the customers sat in the racing car. Looking at the transparent plastic under their buttocks, they asked in confusion, "There is no racing chair in the formula racing car?"

"Yes. We have customized a racing chair for you. It will be a little hot. Bear with it."

The customers around came to watch, only to see that the staff poured the stuff with strange sticky liquid into the transparent plastic.

The customer was also shocked. "What's this! It's so hot! "

"I'm making a racing chair. Hold on. It'll be ready soon."

It was the first time that they had seen such a strange way of making a racing chair, and the reporters also took photos with their cameras.

Soon, the thick liquid cooled down. After making the racing chair, the customer came out to rest, and it was the turn of other customers to make the racing chair.

The customers who were too fat couldn't get in the racing car, so they had no chance to experience it.

Some of them were out of the safe range, and the staff would take out a video to demonstrate why they couldn't experience it.

Although the customers were sad, they could understand.

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