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   Chapter 586 The Opening Ceremony

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Lea clenched her fists, bit her lower lip and said, "How can I give up on him?"

Lea's friend tried to persuade her in a tough tone, "He already had a girlfriend..."

"So what? People will divorce even if they get married. That he has a girlfriend won't let me give up. "

"Why do you have to do that? You know clearly that Mr. Harold doesn't... " The friend glanced at Lea, whose face was livid, and stopped.

Lea suppressed her jealousy and gritted her teeth, "One day, Harold will be mine! I don't know what's good about that girl except her eloquence. How could Harold fall in love with her? "

The friend guessed, "Men like beautiful young girls."

Lea's face darkened when she heard this.

Just now, Wendy had been mocking her for being old. Now hearing her friend's words, she was even more worried.

Lea said angrily, "Men like new things. After a while, he will definitely be tired of her."

Seeing Lea's angry face, her friend felt that the atmosphere in the car was a little strange. She quickly changed the topic and stopped talking about it.

On the second day, under the gaze of so many people, Dragon finally released the opening announcement on micro-blog this Saturday, and attached the official website of Dragon racing club.

Everyone was curious and hurried to click in.

The website was simple, generous and low-key. At the first sight, they felt that the official website was very high-end.

Everyone clicked on the outdoor racing in the left column. The screen turned and several options appeared.

There was go-kart racing and formula racing.

The people clicked on them in order. A video appeared in the middle of the website, in which the scenes of Wendy and Steve playing the go-kart in the track were displayed.

The video was shot by a drone, which recorded the whole track clearly.

Below the video, there was a detailed introduction of the outdoor racing of the go-kart.

"Wow! Five hundred for ten minutes? Did I see it wrong? "

"I saw someone said yesterday that it would cost about one thousand dollars to play this abroad for a few minutes."

"Damn it! It's a little expensive. I

or free for a month without a limit, but this reward cannot be lent to others.

Of course, one could also give up this reward and choose a currency reward.

The same was true for the breaking records of the formula racing and the racing simulation. They would enjoy the project free of charge for a month or choose the money reward.

In addition, those who broke the record could also sign up for the young training camp. If they passed the training, they would directly join the training team and become professional racing drivers.

The real purpose of this benefit was to dig out the selected young racers, infuse fresh blood into the Dragon and strengthen the Dragon team.

Only with good competition could there be great room for improvement.

Of course, they could directly sign up for the young training camp, but the training and assessment items were no longer free, and the price of directly signing up was relatively high.

Those who had money would sign up directly, and those who didn't have money would go to the youth training camp for free through their own efforts to break through the record.

The opening ceremony would last for a week, during which all the projects would be twenty percent off.

Two thousand to five hundred for membership card and five thousand to two thousand for membership card.

"I just noticed that there are videos for all the projects. The videos are free! I like it! "

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