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   Chapter 585 Don't Give Up

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Updated: 2020-09-22 00:12

"I'm not bored. I just saw a lot of people chasing you. I think I have to come here to block them for you." Wendy joked.

Harold looked at Wendy dotingly and took her to meet some people.

Many people were curious about Wendy. Most of the questions they asked were about racing. She intentionally or unintentionally revealed the news that the racing track was about to open, which aroused many people's curiosity.

Everyone said that they would definitely attend the opening ceremony.

Many people posted their photos with Wendy on wechat moments, which immediately aroused the curiosity of their friends. Many people curiously asked about th

ong with my car. It has been left in the 4S shop and hasn't been repaired yet."

"Broken? I remember you were driving yesterday. " The friend asked in confusion.

Lea didn't expect her friend to see her yesterday. She turned her head away unnaturally and said, "It broke today."

The friend didn't think too much. "Oh, I see. By the way, have you got a Shadow's car? "

"I'll get it at the end of next month."

"That's great. I can't get my car until the end of the year." Her friend took a look at Lea from the rearview mirror and found that she was absent-minded. She asked tentatively, "Are you still not going to give up Mr. Harold?"

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