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   Chapter 584 Younger Than You

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"He is a subordinate!"

"Are you crazy? I take him as my brother, not a subordinate. Besides, this is my business. I can do whatever I want. You don't have to discipline me!" Wendy said impatiently.

There must be something wrong with this person's brain. She wanted to roll her eyes at Lea just now.

Apart from Harold, Jared had been taking care of Wendy in her childhood. Although he was indeed a subordinate of Harold and their identities were different, Wendy had always treated Jared as her family.

Lea was also very angry. She didn't like Wendy at all. She didn't understand why Harold had a crush on such a girl.

Moreover, she didn't know how to behave herself and allowed her subordinate to eat in public. All the bodyguards silently followed their masters. No one was like Wendy, who was uneducated. Lea pulled out the chair opposite to Wendy and sat down.

Seeing Lea sitting down, Wendy stood up and said, "Jared, let's take a walk somewhere else."


"You..." Lea's face turned livid with rage when she saw Wendy's attitude. "Wendy Shangguan, let's have a talk."

"Miss, I don't think we have anything to talk about. The scenery here is good. Take your time."

Lea stood up angrily and walked straight to Wendy to stop her. "Let's have a talk. I believe you are interested in what happened to Harold in the past."

Wendy squinted at Lea. What happened in the past? What actually happened in the past?

After thinking for a while, Wendy sat on the chair and said, "Go ahead."

Seeing that Wendy didn't leave, Lea breathed a sigh of relief. Sitting opposite to Wendy, she took a sip of champagne and said coldly, "You're not suitable for Harold."

"It has nothing to do with you whether I am suitable for Harold or not. You have no right to tell me what to do. Wendy smiled. "

Lea continued, "I've checked on you, Wendy. You are too young. Six years old. You must have a generation gap in communication, right? You two

ith you. Bye." Lea said for a long time and didn't mention anything about that year.

In Wendy's opinion, Lea should have said that casually. How could Harold have anything happened in the past?

He seldom contacted with women. Only Jeremy had a good relationship with him, and the others were nodding friends.

The outsiders only saw the two identities of Wendy, a student and a professional racing driver. Her identity was different from Harold's, who had already been the chairman of the HX Group. They were not in the same field, so people mistakenly thought that they had nothing in common.

What they didn't know was that Wendy was an investor of Dragon, Summer Group and Shadow.

Although the company was run directly by Albert and the others, the future operation direction, activity plan and so on were discussed by Wendy and Harold.

How could they have a generation gap!

Seeing that Wendy left without looking back, Lea shouted angrily, "Wait a minute! I haven't finished yet! "

Lea raised her voice, and several people nearby who heard her turned their heads to look at her.

In order to maintain her image, Lea had to shut up and stop calling her.

Looking around the crowd, Wendy finally saw Harold. She walked quickly to him and held him in her arms. "Harold."


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