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   Chapter 518 One Lost Another

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"No! I don't know what Zoe said to Sara at that time. Besides, her family forced her to have an abortion because she was pregnant with my child. She didn't want to give up the fruit of our love, so she ran away from home! " David gritted his teeth. "If Zoe hadn't intervened, how could I have broken up with Sara?"

Hannah and Brent didn't expect this to happen. The two of them didn't believe it. "Then why didn't she come to you? Why did she run away from home? "

"You have to ask Zoe about it. She must have said something to Sara and made her misunderstand me!"

"Then why did she come to you again?" Hannah sneered, "I think she must have married to another man. Her husband knew that Wendy was not their child, so he was ashamed into anger and divorced her."

When David heard that his mother had been slandering Sara, he was so angry that he wanted to scold her. But she was his mother, so he couldn't scold her!

"Mom, Sara didn't marry anyone. She brought up Wendy alone!" David explained tiredly.

Hannah grumbled, "Why are you so simple, David? You believe whatever she says? Humph! You were blinded by the so-called love and didn't see Sara Shangguan acting. Take that Sara Shangguan here. I'll ask her myself! "

"Sara had a car accident when Wendy was a child and became a vegetable." Said David sadly.

"What? Is she in a vegetative state? " Hannah's eyes widened.

"Yes! Sara is still lying on the bed. How could she destroy our marriage now? I've told you that Zoe is full of lies. You can't believe every word she says! "

Brent regained his composure and asked, "Then how did Wendy live alone?"

"In that car accident, Wendy narrowly saved the lives of Harold He and Sane Wu. The two of them sympathized with her..." Slowly, David told his parents what he had heard from Wendy the other day.

"That's it. Sara and Wendy didn't destroy my marriage. On th

the He family and have HX Group. Do you think she will still care about the Wen family?"

"Oh..." Hearing what David said, Hannah and Brent remembered that she could make so much money herself, and the assets of the HX Group were indeed richer than the Wen family.

"Well, no one will think that they have too much money." Brent said awkwardly, "Try your best to persuade Wendy not to make it a big deal. Don't forget that Millay is also your daughter. You can't lose her! "

"I'm sorry. I have owed Wendy too much. Wendy won't listen to me. I have no right to persuade her, and I don't want to persuade her either. That's it." David sighed, "Millay is getting angrier and more arrogant in recent years. It's time for her to reflect on herself!"

"I have a meeting with a client. Let's stop here. I have to hang up."

"Hello? Hello! David! " Hearing the phone's beep sound, Hannah could only sigh, "I didn't expect that there would be such a thing. Do you believe what David said?"

"I think what he said should be true, but I really can't believe that Millay is that kind of person." Brent shook his head and said, "Since it can't be suppressed anymore, I'll ask someone to check if there is really a conflict between Millay and Wendy."


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