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   Chapter 517 She Just Wants To Take Advantage Of You

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"There must be some misunderstanding!" Guessed Brent.

Hannah didn't think so. "I think it might be a trap. It was all planned by Wendy Shangguan. First, she said that Millay spread a rumor and slandered her, and then she fought back! Yes, it must be like this. Millay is so obedient. It's impossible for her to do such a thing! "

"Well, I'll call other friends now."

Brent used all kinds of connections to contact them, and a few of them promised to withdraw the news, but most of them didn't dare to offend HX Group, and no one was willing to do so.

Hannah was so anxious that she almost cried, "What should we do? So many people are unwilling to withdraw the news, and we just see Millay being slandered by them?"

After asking for a while, Brent was annoyed, "I'll call the He family. If it doesn't work, we can go to court. How could they slander our family like this! Humph! "

"Yes! We will also sue them for violating Millay's reputation. "

Brent called the He family. Since Wendy and the Hes went abroad, Harold also gave the Butler a holiday. While Rachel and Sheridan were traveling around the world, there was no one in the He family's house.

After calling for a long time, no one answered the phone. Brent sighed and said, "Let's call him later. It's really strange recently. Why didn't they answer the phone?"

In the evening, they finally got in touch with David.

"David, is that Wendy Shangguan your illegitimate daughter?" Hannah questioned.

"As I said, Wendy is not my illegitimate daughter!" David said coldly, "Why are you calling me to ask about this?"

"She is an illegitimate daughter without a legal identity. Do you want to say that she is a child of the Wen family?" Hannah sneered, "If she is not an illegitimate daughter, why is her surname Shangguan?"

Hannah's words broke David's heart. This was the most regretful thing in his life.

"Humph! A

htly stunned. "What did you say?"

"Wendy is eighteen years old. She is two years older than Millay!"

Hannah thought for a while and immediately understood what David meant. Millay was pregnant the year David and Zoe got married, but Wendy Shangguan was two years older than Millay.

It meant that Wendy was not an illegitimate daughter of the mistress and David after David and Zoe got married!


Brent also came to his senses. He looked at Hannah in shock, and the two of them saw disbelief in each other's eyes.

"How, how could she be one year older than Millay?" Hannah asked the question in their hearts in surprise.

"I have always wanted to explain to you that you don't want to listen to me!" David breathed deeply, "Sara is my first love. I had a car accident when I graduated from college. When I came back, Zoe told me that Sara had married someone else. I don't believe it. Now I know that Zoe was lying to me at that time! "

"Then she married someone else? Then how are you sure that Wendy is your child? Why are you so silly? That woman abandoned you when you were injured, and now she comes to you... What did they say about this situation? Yes! She just wants to take advantage of you. She just wants to take advantage of you! "

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