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   Chapter 516 Pressure From All Sides

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With uncertainty, Zoe took Millay's phone and continued to look through the micro-blog. She always felt that it was not that easy to deal with this matter.

"Wow! Did you notice that? Apart from Wendy and Dragon racing team, HX Group also sued us! " Zoe pointed at the micro-blog news and exclaimed.

"What! Harold also sued us? " Millay hurriedly leaned over and stared at the phone screen with her eyes wide open.

Sure enough, there were the name HX Group on it. She trembled with anger and asked in horror, "Mom, if the He family also intervenes in this matter, do you think grandpa and grandma can deal with it well?"

"I'm afraid..." Zoe was not sure. She was very nervous.

It took her a lot of effort to marry David, and she was envied by many people in the circle. 'Many of my friends must have seen this. I don't know how they will ridicule me in private.' At the thought of this, Zoe felt upset.

"Mom, we should be fine, right? Mom! " Millay looked at Zoe with fear. She wanted to get the answer from her mother to calm herself down.

But Zoe herself was not sure, and she could not give Millay an answer.

"I asked someone else to transfer the money, not directly from me. They should not be able to confirm that I was the planner!" Zoe comforted herself.

Suddenly, Zoe thought of something and asked, "What about your micro-blog account? I don't think they will know it's you who used it, right? "

"I haven't verified the micro-blog account with my real name, and they can't prove that the micro-blog account is used by me!" Millay said firmly.

"Mom, the man you have found must be very tight lipped, right? Will he betray you? "

"No." Zoe shook her head and said, "It's not the right time. I'd better ask him to go abroad and hide. Millay, give me my phone. "


Millay walked over and pulled out the phone which was charging and handed it to Zoe. As soon as the phone was t

mors and slander Wendy. Since Harold He loves Wendy Shangguan so much, he must make a scene!"

"You'd better ask your granddaughter to apologize to Wendy. It's no big deal!"

"Harold He? The name sounds familiar. "

"Oh, Harold He, the chairman of HX Group, the son of Mr. Sheridan He!"

"Oh, it's him? Does Millay like him? " Brent asked in surprise.

"You don't know?"

"How could I know? I've never heard of it!"

Hannah didn't know what they were talking about, but from what Brent said, she knew that they were talking farther and farther away. "Don't talk too much. Get back to the point!"

Brent came to his senses and hurriedly said, "By the way, it was really not Millay who did it. Wendy Shangguan was slandering her!"

"That's your family business, and I can't interfere. Anyway, I can only tell you that I really can't withdraw the news."

"Well, I won't make things difficult for you."

After Brent hung up the phone, Hannah asked anxiously, "What did you just say? Why did I hear that Millay likes Harold He? "

Brent told her what the chairman of the newspaper had just told him. Hannah was also shocked. "But didn't Millay say that she didn't know Wendy Shangguan? How could she be against Wendy Shangguan just because she likes Harold He? "

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