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   Chapter 367 Taking Advantage Of The Opportunity

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The air became dry and hot gradually. The room was quiet, and occasionally there was heavy breathing.

It was not known how long the kiss lasted. Harold pulled himself back and let go of Wendy.

He raised his hand and rubbed Wendy's head. After saying that "I was going to take a shower", he strode into the bathroom.

Wendy leaned against the wall, gasping for air. A satisfied smile appeared on her face. She walked to Harold's bed slowly and lay on it, playing with her phone.

After taking a cold shower, Harold came out of the bathroom and saw Wendy lying on his bed. He frowned and was about to say something, but Wendy had already got out of the bed.

"Harold, let me help you dry your hair." Wendy trotted to the sofa, took the towel and gently dried Harold's hair.

Harold leaned against the sofa and closed his eyes for rest. The atmosphere in the room was very quiet and warm.

When his hair was almost dry, Harold stopped Wendy and asked, "That's enough. Have you finished your homework?"

"I don't understand some questions. I'm waiting for your help." Wendy shook her head.

"Give it to me."


Wendy ran back to her room to get the exercise book. Harold glanced at the questions and wrote down the words on the paper forcefully with a pen in his slender fingers.

With a deep and magnetic voice, he slowly explained the questions to Wendy. Harold's analysis and explanation were very good, and Wendy was also smart, who understood right now as soon as Harold explained to her.

Soon those questions were solved.

"You seem a little unhappy?" Although Wendy was good at disguising herself, Harold still noticed the depression on her face.

With one hand on the desk, Wendy sighed, "My identity has been exposed. There are a lot of paparazzi in the school today."

With a gloomy face, she told Harold about the paparazzi's chase today, "My head teacher just called me and told me that the school decided to cancel the punishment for me.

or dinner?" Laura looked up and asked.

"Yes, we will have dinner at Dad's place tonight." Paul nodded.

Bonnie's eyes brightened. "I... I'm going to have dinner with Grandpa too!"

"Why do you go there? Don't you know that your exam is coming soon? Study is the most important! " Paul scolded.

Bonnie pouted her lips in anger. She was not reconciled and said, "I don't know if Grandpa has a bad impression of me now. He used to bring gifts back every time he went abroad for a trip. He would give them to me as soon as possible."

"Damn it! Have grandpa forgotten me since Wendy was here?" Bonnie scolded angrily, "I don't know why Grandpa likes Wendy. Is it possible to win most people's hearts by pretending to be pitiful in this world? Men are the same! "

"What are you talking about? Have breakfast now. " Said Paul harshly.

After making a face to her father, Bonnie lowered her head and ate breakfast unhappily.

Paul sighed and took a sip of the milk. "Give me today's newspaper."

"Okay." Ivy picked up the newspaper and handed it to him.

Paul took the newspaper and unfolded it. On the page was a huge photo with a few words: the glory of CN country.

"Pfft! Ahem! Ahem! " When he saw the person on the newspaper, Paul was so shocked that he choked on the hot milk and coughed violently.

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