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   Chapter 365 Why Did You Hide It

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The two of them were tired after walking all the way, so they sat on the playground to rest.

Mr. Webb took out his mobile phone and logged in the BBS of the Capital University. As soon as the page was refreshed, he saw that the home page was full of posts about Wendy.

Wendy's real identity, interviews, wonderful racing scenes and so on.

The cameraman came over and saw the content on the screen. He said with a smile, "great! It doesn't take us much time to get it. I didn't expect that the students of the Capital University have sorted out the materials for us first. We don't need to look for materials on the Internet. We just downloaded the video from it. "

Mr. Webb also happily nodded and smiled, "Yes, the workload has been reduced a lot."

Mr. Webb randomly clicked into a post, in which there were almost all kinds of exclamations. He murmured in confusion, "Eh, why is it different from what Wendy's classmate said? If Wendy really has a lot of negative information, then the posts should be discussing at this time."

"Maybe they didn't know who Wendy is before, so they are all surprised to hide the previous posts. We can see them if we read more posts."


Hearing the cameraman's words, Mr. Webb's fingers slid down the screen. Suddenly, his fingers stopped moving. "I saw it! Sure enough! "

Mr. Webb hurriedly clicked in to browse the post. The host of the post said that Wendy was hit by someone's girlfriend. Mr. Webb frowned deeply.

The following comments were all mocking Wendy, and some said she deserved it.

The cameraman sighed, "Alas, I didn't expect that these things are true."

Mr. Webb had planned to interview Wendy as a positive example to publicize the news, but he didn't expect that there would be so many rumors.

Mr. Webb couldn't continue reading after reading a few pages. He felt uncomfortable when he saw the abusive words on one side.

Mr. Webb withdrew from the post to see if there was any useful inform

e suddenly skipped classes in the classroom. The teacher must think that she was very arrogant and reported her situation to the head teacher. It seemed that the head teacher was calling to scold her.

Holding her phone in her hand, Wendy thought for a while and called her head teacher. She was ready to be scolded.

As soon as the phone was connected, it was picked up. "Hello? Wendy? "

"Yes, it's me." Wendy said with a frown, "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to skip classes today. I..."

The head teacher didn't hear what Wendy said. She said directly, "Wendy, why didn't you tell me that you were a racing driver! You asked for leave for a race abroad. You can tell me the truth, so that you won't be punished. You can't keep a low profile like this. "

The head teacher said a lot. It seemed that the matter was very serious now. Wendy sighed, "There is no wall that can't be kept secret in the world. You may have seen it outside the school, right? That's why I don't want to tell you. "

"Uh..." Wendy was right. The head teacher had just strolled around the school gate and sighed at her popularity.

If Wendy had told her that she was a racing driver, she might have explained the reason why she had asked for leave to other teachers. At that time, her identity would only be exposed more quickly.

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