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   Chapter 360 Besiege And Block

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At the school gate, Wendy's fans immediately logged in and replied, "It's incredible. I really saw Vivien! I'm so lucky! "

"Vivien is more lovely than she looks on TV!"

"Did you get her autograph and photo?"

"No! It's a pity that Vivien has to go to class and doesn't have time to take photos with us. "

"Yes, she is very gentle in speaking and has a good attitude towards us!"

"Those paparazzi are so annoying. Why did they come here so soon?"

"Shit, these paparazzi are so annoying! Why don't they go to eat shit? "

"Damn it! Now the paparazzi know that Vivien is studying in the Capital University. They will definitely go to make trouble for Vivien every day."

"Yes, you are right. We shouldn't have dug out Vivien's whereabouts in the Capital University. Alas!"

Some were surprised and some were worried.

Wendy trotted all the way to the classroom. Because the class was about to begin, everyone was eating breakfast in a hurry. No one had seen the news in the BBS.

Bang. Wendy bumped into someone and the two stepped back.

"Oh, you are so blind! Why are you in such a hurry? Are you going to be reincarnated? " Fanny asked Wendy in disdain.

She frowned slightly and nodded, "I'm sorry."

Ding-a-ling. The bell rang. When Wendy was about to take her seat, Fanny strode forward, grabbed Wendy's wrist and snapped, "Are you done with an apology?"

"Well, do you need me to accompany you to the hospital?" Wendy turned to her and asked sincerely.

"You..." Fanny didn't know how to reply. What Wendy said was right. They just bumped into each other and apologized. They didn't need to go to the hospital.

Wendy smiled and asked, "What? Have you made up your mind? Now the teacher is coming to the classroom. "

As soon as she finished speaking, the teacher came in from the door. "Eh, what are you doing there? Why don't you

happened to see Wendy. He asked in a hurry, "What's wrong?"

"There are paparazzi chasing after me. I'm leaving now!" Wendy replied while running.

Looking at the back of Wendy, Brain turned around and said to the confused students, "Stop those foreigners. Don't let them follow us."

"What? Okay! " The students didn't know what was going on, but they obeyed Brain's order.

"Sorry, please let us go." The paparazzi said angrily when they saw the road was blocked.

Several students could understand English, but they pretended not to understand and blocked the road.

"Shit! The people in CN country are not good at English. We can't communicate with them at all. The road is blocked and they don't leave! "

"I even doubt if they did it on purpose. Now I really want to push these students down the stairs and throw them to death!"

"Forget it. There is also a staircase over there. Let's go down there."

"It's so far away. Then we won't know where Vivien has gone! The school is so big! "

"We will meet her sooner or later. Now call the people outside and ask them to keep an eye on the school gate."

"Well, that's all I can do." As they ran, they took out their phones and called their colleagues outside the school.

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