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   Chapter 359 Exposure Of Her Identity

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6552

Updated: 2020-07-19 00:03

Seeing that Wendy jumped up and down to the campus, the fans screamed excitedly.

"My God, it's incredible!"

"Vivien is so cute!"

"Damn it! Why are these paparazzi here?"

Hearing the discussions of these foreigners, the students around them were confused and asked, "Who is Vivien?"

"I don't know. I've never heard of it."

"Is the Vivien they refer to Wendy? I feel that they have been staring at Wendy's back. "

"Well, that's possible."

The paparazzi also wanted to break into the campus, but were immediately stopped by the vigilant security guard. "Hey, you can't go in."

"Bro, they can't understand your Mandarin." One of the security guards looked at the students and said, "Can you speak English? Help us translate. "

"I know a little." The student came over with embarrassment and managed to interpret the security guards' words for the paparazzi, telling them that unauthorized people were not allowed to enter the campus.

The paparazzi didn't interview Wendy, but the student here could speak English. They wanted to interview the student to see if they could get any breaking news.

"What's Vivien's major in your school?" The paparazzi asked.

The student was confused. "Vivien? Who was she? Sorry, I don't know her. "

"The girl who just jumped in from here. Don't you know her? She is so famous. " The paparazzi looked at him in surprise.

Generally speaking, Wendy was very popular abroad now. They didn't expect that she was so infamous in Capital University.

"Well, I mean this girl. Don't you know her?" The paparazzi quickly took out a photo from the tablet computer and handed it to him.

The student widened his eyes and looked at the photo on the screen in disbelief. The girl in the photo was wearing a red racing suit, with a bright smile on her face, and her eyes were slightly bent to look at the camera.

"Wow, is this Wendy?" He was about to doubt life.

"What? I beg your pardon? We can't

he way, these are foreigners, so she must be very popular abroad. I'll go over the wall to have a look outside."

"You are right."

The classmate immediately opened VPN and climbed over the wall. He entered Vivien in YouTube and clicked the search button. Immediately, a pile of web pages popped up.

"Wow! I found it! Look! " The student shouted excitedly.

The students around immediately leaned their heads over and asked, "What's going on? What did you find? "

"It's all in English. I can't understand. Who speak English better?"

"Let me have a look. My English is not bad."

"Here you are."

A student came over and took the phone. He quickly glanced at the explanation on the website. His eyes widened and he said in a lisp, "What? Wen...Wendy is actually a racing driver! "

"What? What did you say? "

"Racing driver? Really? "

"Wow! A female racing driver? That was so cool! Why is it different from the news in the BBS? "

"Isn't there a video here? It had played millions of times. Play it quickly!" As soon as he finished speaking, he clicked the link.

The owner of the cell phone was about to say that he didn't have much traffic and didn't want to watch the video, but seeing the people around him so focused and excited, he had to swallow what he wanted to say.

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