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   Chapter 357 Encountering A Fan

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Updated: 2020-07-18 00:03

It was quiet in the classroom. The students seemed to have made an appointment. No one explained to the teacher that their head teacher had just come to ask Wendy to go to the office.

The teacher angrily put a cross on the register and said, "Your final score, the attendance rate also accounts for a part!"

"Some of the students skip classes, and someone answered for them. Don't think that there are too many people in the class, so I can't recognize you all. I know it clearly in my heart." The teacher snorted, "As long as you don't go too far, I won't go deep into it. But those like Wendy, who haven't taken two thirds of my classes, even if she gets full marks at the end of the semester, I will never let her pass this course! "

"I hope the others in the class don't learn from Wendy." The teacher criticized Wendy from head to toe on the platform and then shifted the topic to the book.

In the teacher's office, the head teacher looked at Wendy seriously and said, "There are a lot of rumors about you in the school recently. Do you want to explain to me?"

It turned out that her head teacher asked her to come here to ask about this. She shrugged and said, "Since they are all rumors, there's nothing to explain. I do have something to ask for leave, and my father has also called you to prove it."

The head teacher scratched her head irritably, "Then you have to have a reasonable reason to ask for such a long leave, right? I asked your father. He just said that you had something to deal with at home. "

"Because you have asked for too much leave, all the teachers are dissatisfied with you." The head teacher sighed, "Since you were admitted to the Capital University, you should study hard. Your family will support you all the time. You should study hard and find a better job in the future to let them live a comfortable life."

Now in the head teacher's eyes, Wendy was no different from the problem girl. She tried her best to persuade her.

"I know all of these. I really have to ask for a leave now. I'm sorry to bring you trouble." Wendy said sincerely, "I will study hard at the end of th

ile. I'm in a much better mood now."

"Well, do I have the honor to take a photo with my idol?" Brain widened his eyes and looked at Wendy expectantly.

She nodded and smiled, "Of course you can."

Wendy took out her phone and pointed it at the two of them. Brain grinned, showing his white teeth.

The young man sat under a tree and looked at the camera happily.

Wendy posted the photo on twitter: I ran into a "fan" at school.

Brain also forwarded the tweet.

Wendy sat up and checked the time. "It's getting late. I'm going back."

"Okay, bye."

Seeing the new tweet from Wendy, the fans on the twitter commented excitedly, "How could Vivien be so cute? I really want to pinch her face! "

"Shit, please don't get too close to my daughter!"


"Wow! This boy is very handsome. Is he Vivien's boyfriend? "

"Hey, I seem to have discovered something incredible! In the upper right corner of the photo, I can see a sculpture building. I seem to have seen it in some publicity video before! "

"What publicity video? Do you still remember it? "

"I can't remember clearly. I'm going to look for it now."

This news attracted many fans' attention. They began to search online for any landmark buildings in the universities of CN country.

The effort paid off, and the fan really found it out. "I found it! In the Capital University of CN country, Vivien is studying there! "

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