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   Chapter 355 Bad Reputation

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The students in the classroom listened attentively to the teacher, and a clear voice came out.


Everyone turned to look at the door of the classroom, only to find that Wendy was standing there with her books in her hands.

Well, Wendy finally came back for class? The students gossiped in a low voice.

Wendy, who was the queen of skipping classes, was famous not only in the grade, but also in the whole school.

Everyone knew that there was a student who asked for a long leave with all kinds of scandals.

The teacher looked at Wendy up and down with a frown and asked coldly, "Are you willing to come back for class now?"

"I had something to do and have asked for leave, and the note, the head teacher has signed it." Wendy looked at the teacher, neither humble nor pushy.

She knew that her teachers must have a bad impression of her, but she didn't need to feel guilty since she had asked for leave.

The teacher was even more dissatisfied when he saw that Wendy didn't seem to apologize at all.

He didn't say anything, just staring at Wendy.

The teacher didn't let Wendy in, so she had to stand still with her books in her hands.

The other students in the class looked at them excitedly and whispered.

"Ha ha, she deserves it."

"Wendy is too arrogant. She has asked for such a long leave, but she still dares to talk back to the teacher. She should just admit her fault, it's easy."

"Maybe she has known a lot of men during her leave. Now she has nothing to fear."

"I've heard that she had an abortion when she asked for leave. And today, it seems that she really doesn't look good."

"TSK, TSK, if the rumor is true, she has aborted for several times!"

"Yes, you're right. The abortion of her is so frequent that it may be difficult for her to get pregnant when she gets married."

"She has such a bad reputation now. I guess no one likes her except those obscene old men. No one wants to wear such broken shoes. Those rich old men just p

bout other people's opinions? They are not my family or friends. People should live with ease and happiness. If you care about every move of others, you will live too tired. Besides, if you change yourself for others' words and deeds, you are not yourself anymore. " Wendy smiled, "Don't worry about me."

Shaking her phone, Wendy said, "Their comments won't hurt me."

"That's good. You have an exam tomorrow afternoon. If you have any questions, just ask me."

"Okay." Wendy nodded gratefully.

The two students in the corner looked at Elisabeth's back with disdain and sneered, "Is this Elisabeth crazy? She even went to please Wendy. "

"Yes, everyone is avoiding Wendy now. People are afraid that there are rumors when they get close to her, but she still goes forward. I really don't know what the use of her brain is."

"Does Elisabeth want to learn from Wendy? Huh? " Fanny sneered.

"I heard that Elisabeth comes from a rich family. There is no need for her to seduce others like Wendy."

"Then I don't know what Elisabeth wants to do, unless..." Fanny was suddenly stunned, she blurted it out, "Does she want to get along well with Wendy so that she can meet Brain? Damn it! What a scheming woman! "

"What should we do now? "

"It seems that we have to give someone a warning!" Said Fanny viciously.

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