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   Chapter 353 Give Me A Surprise

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Wendy and Rachel hadn't seen each other for a long time. They chatted happily.

As time went by, the night fell.

"Wendy, come and have dinner."


The two of them continued to chat while eating. They didn't see Harold come back even when they almost finished eating.

She looked down at the time on her cell phone in confusion. "Aunt Rachel, does Harold work overtime today?"

"Yes! Harold has been very busy these days and has been working overtime in the company. He comes back almost ten o'clock every night. " Rachel sighed, "Harold is a workaholic. I don't know if he has eaten well when he is busy. Luckily, Wendy, you are back. You have to warn him about it. "

"Okay! I will. " Wendy nodded seriously.

Wendy went back to her room and walked into Harold's room with her books.

She had asked for another month's leave, so she didn't understand knowledge in many books. She had to hurry up to study.

After a long time, Wendy heard the sound of brake from downstairs. Her eyes lit up. She jumped up from the chair in a hurry and ran to the window to take a look downstairs.

It was Harold who came back! She quickly drew her head back and began to look around, thinking about where she should hide.

After parking the car, Harold walked out and frowned in confusion.

Why was the light in his room on? Was his mother waiting for him in his room?

Harold didn't expect that Wendy had come back. He opened the door and walked into the living room. He saw that Rachel was sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

"Harold, you are back! That's great! " Rachel said happily.

Harold felt that something was wrong with his mother today. She seemed to be very happy.

"Mom, why is the light in my room on?" Harold asked.

"What? Ah! I left the package in your room and forgot to turn off the light when I came out. " Said Rachel.

"Package? I haven't bought anything recently. "

"Well, maybe it's from a friend. You can go back to your ro

nking of this, Wendy hurriedly spoke for Jared, "Don't blame him, Harold. I begged him to keep it from you. You can't deduct his salary!"

"I won't deduct his salary, but I still have to..."

"You can't scold him too!" Seeing Harold wanted to say something more, Wendy quickly covered her forehead with her hand and pretended to be uncomfortable. "Ouch, my head hurts."

Seeing this, Harold immediately forgot what he wanted to say and said, "Don't touch your hand. Does it hurt badly?"

"A little."

"I'd better take you to the hospital." After saying that, Harold immediately stood up, quickly put on his suit jacket, bent over and picked up Wendy.

"I'm not going to the hospital. I'll be fine after a sleep."

Harold didn't allow Wendy to retort and carried her out of the bedroom.

When Rachel was about to go upstairs to sleep, she saw them. She walked over in surprise and asked, "What's wrong with Wendy?"

"She hit her head. I'll take her to the hospital." Harold explained.

"Auntie, I'm fine. My forehead is just bumped and swollen. I think it will be better after a sleep. Harold insisted on taking me to the hospital. Please persuade him." Wendy wanted her help.

However, Rachel nodded in agreement and said, "It's not a small matter. You should go to the hospital and have a check."

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