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   Chapter 345 Ordering To Delete

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More and more people rushed over, and the police were all attracted here.

"What do you want! This is not the place you should come! " The policemen took out electric batons from their waists and shouted loudly.

"We just want to know the truth. Vivien is a child who is just eighteen. If you bully her like this, God will definitely blame you!" A female fan cursed angrily.

At first, Wendy just wanted to use the public opinion to put pressure on the police. But she didn't expect that her fans were so worried about her that they rushed to the police station directly.

"Damn it! If I had known that this girl has such a great influence, I wouldn't have been partial to the people of the USA from the beginning!" The policeman who handled the case said to his colleague with regret.

"Well, now we can only wait for the copy of the video to come back. Let's comfort the fans first."

While the police were still discussing in a low voice, Wendy stood up and bowed to the fans gratefully. "Thank you for coming here for me. I'm really moved. Now the police have gone to the hotel to get the surveillance video. Please calm down. I believe that the police will definitely investigate this matter. Am I right? "

Wendy deliberately turned back to the police and said. The police nodded with cold sweat on their foreheads, "Yes, we will never slander any good person."

Wendy successfully comforted her fans. A crowd of people gathered in the police station. Seeing so many people, the two From the USA immediately took out their mobile phones and called for bodyguards.

The two were so arrogant just now. Seeing Wendy's fans, they had to suppress their anger and sat quietly in the corner.

The fans on the twitter were all very concerned about the progress of the matter. They all left comments and asked, "How is Vivien now? Hasn't she left the police station yet? "

"No! Now wait for the police to copy the surveillance video back from the hotel. "

"How do you know?"

"I wa

frowned and took a step back. Although everyone couldn't hear the voice, they could tell that the man with obscene smile must have said something bad.

It wasn't known what they were talking about. Suddenly, the man saw Zachary standing behind Wendy. His face changed dramatically. He walked up and grabbed Wendy's wrist.

"Fuck!" Someone couldn't help cursing.

At this moment, everyone was dazzled by the scene in front of them. With a flip of her wrist, Wendy immediately turned the man's hand behind his back.

The man's face twisted in pain.

"Oh! Well done! "

"Beat him!"

Seeing this, the fans applauded and cheered. The two men hiding in the corner felt blushed on their faces and just wanted to find a place to hide.

"Boss! Vivien's fans are shooting! " The henchman noticed that someone was holding a mobile phone and recording in the crowd.

"Shit! We can't let them spread the video! " The man stood up in a hurry, walked over and roared, "Stop! Please stop filming. You are violating my portraiture right! "

The man turned to the police angrily, "Why don't you stop them! Why did you let those people in? "

"Calm down, sir. I'll handle it right now." The police stepped forward and ordered the fans to delete the video.

The fans were unhappy. "Why should I delete it? This is the evidence! "

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