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   Chapter 322 Exposed

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When Steve and she walked towards the school gate, Wendy suddenly had a strange feeling as if she was being stared at.

Wendy stopped and looked left with a frown. Steve also stopped and asked in confusion, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Noticing that there was nothing unusual, Wendy shook her head and continued walking.

A post appeared on the BBS of the Capital University: who knows which class this girl is in! Anxious!

Seeing the title of the post, the students clicked in curiously to see the photos.

"Wow, this girl is so beautiful! I also want to know which major she is! "

"She is so beautiful. She must not be in the department of architecture. I can guarantee it!"

"Ha ha! It's good that you can have a girl in the Department of civil engineering. Sympathize with you for a second."

In the photo, Wendy was walking in the campus with her books in her arms. She was wearing a young and energetic casual clothes, looking like the girl next door.

This post immediately became the headline. Everyone wanted to know the information about Wendy.

"Poster, you shouldn't have posted it on the school's BBS. Look, there are so many wolves here!"

"That's right. You should have plucked up your courage to accost her."

The host was also very remorseful. "I didn't think too much at that time. I just wanted to know which class she majored in as soon as possible. I didn't expect that things would develop like this!"

What surprised him more was that someone recognized Wendy soon, and the post began to go a totally different direction.

"Well, isn't she Brain's girlfriend? Bro, don't think about it anymore. Go to bed now."

"What? Is she Brain's girlfriend?"

"No, she is not Brain's girlfriend. I know a senior who often play basketball with Brain. He said that the girl is not Brain's girlfriend."

"Really! Are you sure? Do I still have a chance? "

"Don't be discouraged, poster. Even if she is with Brain, you can still ch

s idol.

His idol was insulted, but he couldn't fight back. Brain was almost suffocated to death.

Brain took out his phone and posted in the BBS, "Please stop online violence and don't guess others maliciously."

As soon as the post was released, although the main character was not clearly stated, many people knew that it was Wendy, the heroine who caused a sensation in the school's BBS today.

"Haha, the truth is online violence? Is the poster Wendy?"

"Who are you? Let's see if it's Wendy's account!"

"You're a mistress. Why are you afraid of being exposed?"

"As the saying goes, everything has to be fruit."

A group of people stood at the bottom line of morality and kept cursing. Seeing more and more replies, Brain was about to explode with anger.

"Don't be angry. Go back to your dormitory to sleep after lunch. You have classes this afternoon."

After a few bites, Brain went to the dormitory with his best friend.

Brain used to be a big shot in the school. In addition, the news exposed in the BBS today attracted much attention.

"Wow, look at Brain. He must have seen the post on the school forum!"

"I think so. It's the first time I've seen him so gloomy. He's always bright and outgoing."

"Fuck! It was all Wendy's fault. Brain must be very sad now! It hurts!"

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