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   Chapter 320 Attraction

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Wendy was not familiar with the school, so she had to look for the classroom while walking.

A group of young men in basketball suits came over not far away. Brain, who was walking in the front, saw Wendy, who was lowering her head and playing with her mobile phone. He ran over happily.

"Hey, Brain, where are you going?" His companion asked in confusion.

"I'm going there for a while. You guys go to the basketball court first." Brain left without looking back.

"What happened? The competition is about to begin. Where is he going? "

"I don't know. Wait! Look, he is talking to a girl. " His companion pointed at Brain's back and said in surprise.

"Wow, is that Brain's girlfriend? Why haven't I heard that he has a girlfriend before? "

"Me too, I've never heard of it. I don't think she's his girlfriend. I guess Brain wants to chase her."

"What are you looking at? Let's go to the basketball court first! "

"Oh God! Why do we go to the basketball court at this time? Obviously, Brain's gossip is more important!" Their companions all stopped and looked at them not far away, discussing.

Brain ran up with the basketball in his arms, "Good morning, Wendy!"

"What? Good morning! " Wendy turned around and looked at Brain up and down. "Are you going to play basketball?"

"Yes! Several classes of our major are holding a basketball match. If you are interested, come and have a look."

Wendy pointed at the book in her hand and shook her head. "Sorry, I have to go to class."

"You have a class in the morning. Is there any class after that?"

"Yes. I have class then. I can't go."

Brain sighed with disappointment, "What a pity."

"If I have time, I will go. Do you know how to get to teaching building?" Wendy asked in confusion.

Brain showed the way to Wendy. When he looked away, he saw his companions standing not far away watching the show with a smile. He saw the bag in their hands and shouted, "Throw the green tea drink here."

"Okay." His companion took out a bottle o

friend is so intimate with another boy, will he be jealous? I've never seen Brain being jealous. I'm so curious!"

"I'm looking forward to seeing Brain outside the classroom and seeing his girlfriend sitting with another boy. That must be a wonderful scene!"

The bell rang and the teacher walked into the classroom. Then everyone stopped talking.

Steve felt bored. He accompanied Wendy to attend the class.

"Answer this question." The teacher pointed at Steve.

"Me?" Steve asked with his eyes wide open.

"Yes, you." The teacher nodded.

Steve looked at Wendy with embarrassment. He was so lucky that he was picked up by the teacher to answer questions.

Wendy quickly wrote down the correct answer on the exercise book and pointed naturally.

They had been at the same class and team with Wendy for so many years. The two of them had a tacit understanding.

Steve stood up and heard people talking behind him.

"Who is he? The student of our class? "

"I don't know. I've never seen him before!"

Steve read out the answer written by Wendy.

"Not bad, sit down." The teacher nodded with satisfaction and looked for the name list. "What's your name?"

"What? Me? "

"Yes." The teacher nodded and smiled. He didn't expect that Steve could digest the content so quickly. The teacher was very happy to know his name.

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