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   Chapter 318 Exhaustion

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Wendy smiled with her eyes bent.

Harold looked away unnaturally and said, "You can eat it yourself."

Wendy didn't want to let him go so easily. She leaned forward again. The biscuit was only one centimeter away from Harold's thin lips.

"Well?" Wendy stared at Harold mischievously. The more he didn't look at her, the more trouble she would make.

Harold didn't raise his head all the time and kept looking at the documents in his hands.

Wendy rolled her eyes and retreated slowly.

Harold felt a little relieved, but at the same time, he felt very disappointed.

At this moment, a hand wrapped around his neck. Wendy leaned over and kissed him.

Since Harold didn't take the bait, she didn't tease him anymore and kissed him directly.

Harold was kissed by Wendy. He closed his eyes and began to take the initiative.

The room was full of tenderness. The moon in the sky shyly hid behind the clouds.

Noticing Wendy's moving hands, Harold grabbed her hands tightly and ended the kiss.

Wendy gasped out with vague eyes, "What's wrong?"

'Is it over in this way? Why don't you continue?'

Harold raised his hand and rubbed her head. He said softly, "It's about time. You can go to bed after reading."

Harold changed the topic very well. Wendy looked up at the clock on the wall. It was almost twelve o'clock.

"Yes, I still have one page of exercises to finish." Wendy grabbed her pen and continued with her homework.

Seeing that she was a little careless, Harold smiled and lowered his head to deal with the documents in his hands.

As soon as it was eleven fifty, Harold began to remind Wendy not to stay up late. "Go back to your room and sleep."

Wendy put the pen back on the table and said on purpose, "Harold, shall I sleep in your room?"

What? After a short pause, Harold shook his head and said, "No, you'd better sleep in your room."

"But if I go back to my room like this, you w

d in confusion.

"Harold, I know you can see that I did it on purpose yesterday. Am I going too far? I'm sorry that you didn't have a good rest last night!" Wendy was self-condemned, "You have to go to work in the daytime, and there are so many documents to read in the evening. It's all my fault that I make trouble for you like this!"

"Don't cry, Wendy. It's okay! Believe me! " Harold took out a piece of tissue from the bedside table and wiped her tears gently.

Wendy shook her head, feeling guilty.

They met each other very early in this life. The emotions of the two lifetimes were piled up, and Wendy loved him even more.

Considering the age difference between the two, Harold had always kept a safe distance from her. Even if they were together now, he still rarely did intimate movements.

Wendy was too anxious, so she wanted to tease him from time to time to make the two more intimate.

But she didn't expect that it made Harold didn't sleep well all night long.

Why was she so careless? Wendy lowered her head and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm going to exercise."


Wendy quickly got out of bed, opened the door and ran back to her room.

"Eh? Why does Wendy look like crying? She came out of Harold's room?" Rachel murmured in disbelief.

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