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   Chapter 314 Feeling Cold

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In the Shangguan family in the capital, Ivy frowned and asked, "Hasn't Wendy come back yet? The new semester has begun for two months. Why hasn't she come back yet? "

"I also feel strange." Laura nodded in agreement.

With a serious look on his face, Jake said, "I called her several times, but Rachel always replied like this."

"Whose child has traveled abroad for so long that he doesn't even go to school? Doesn't dad know that Wendy traveled abroad? Is he not angry at all? " Ivy asked.

Jake nodded and said, "Yes. Dad knows that Wendy traveled abroad and he is not angry. That's why I feel strange."

"It's not strange. Dad loves Wendy so much and he thought he owe Sara and her daughter a lot. That's why he let her be so willful and didn't go to school for so long."

"Country girl is country girl. It's just a trip going abroad. She has plenty of time to travel during winter and summer vacation." Laura sneered, "Jake, why don't you call the He family again?"

"Okay." Jake dialed the He family's number again.

"Ring, ring, ring."

Seeing the caller ID, Rachel understood. She picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Hello, Mrs. Rachel. I'm Wendy's uncle. Has she come back?"

"Oh, Wendy came back today. I'm so sorry that I forgot to ask her to call you back."

"She is back?" Jake's eyes lit up, "Please ask Wendy to answer the phone."

"Okay, wait a moment." Rachel put down the phone and went upstairs.

As soon as she went upstairs, Rachel saw that Harold walked out of the study with Wendy in his arms. Her eyes lit up. "What are you doing?"

Although she didn't finish her words, Harold could tell from the ambiguous expression on Rachel's face what she wanted to say. He whispered lovingly, "She is tired after the training and races these days

"Ah! Then let Wendy have a good rest and don't get tired! Don't go to school tomorrow. Have a few days off before she go to school."

After thinking for a while, H

Wendy nodded and said, "Okay, I understand."

Seeing the "reasonable" look on Wendy's face, Jake breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled brightly and said, "It's good that you know it. Come and have a soy bean bun. It's delicious."

"Okay." Although she said yes, Wendy didn't eat any more. She lowered her head and ate up the roast wheat in her bowl. She didn't eat any more.

"Eat more. Why don't you eat? There's so much left."

"I'm full, uncle. I have class later. I'll go back first."

"Okay. Be careful on the way!"


Wendy nodded and left the room first. When the door was closed, the smile on her face disappeared.

Did her uncle really think that she was an idiot who knew nothing after saying so much nonsense to her in the early morning? They just thought that her mother and she had disgraced their Shangguan family, so they specially asked her to go to school and not to talk nonsense.

It turned out that they valued their faces more than the blood relationship.

The thought of her mother lying in the bed in a coma and her uncle's words sent a chill down her spine.

Wendy went to the hospital from the breakfast shop. This time, she came all of a sudden. Laura, who was watching TV attentively, didn't expect that.

"Creak!" Wendy pushed the door open.

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