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   Chapter 313 Returning Home Safely

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In the first month of the new semester, everyone was in the military training and the classes hadn't begun yet, in order to better manage the class.

One night, the head teacher called the whole class to have a meeting and a selection of the class committee.

In contrast to the positions needing hard work like monitor, vice monitor and discipline inspector, there were many competitors in other positions such as publicity committee and learning committee.

The students went to the platform one by one and briefly introduced themselves. If they wanted to run for a position, they could tell them which position they were running for and explain their own advantages.

All the students who could get into the Capital University were not inflexible students. The atmosphere in the classroom was very lively.

Another student finished his self-introduction and walked off the platform. The head teacher looked at the list with a smile. "Next, Wendy..."

"Well, the next one, Ware Huang." The head teacher said.

Hearing his head teacher call his name, Ware went up to the stage and introduced himself. The whole process went on smoothly.

After the race, Wendy became more famous. There were a lot of media reporters' interviews. She could see the paparazzi wherever she went.

Wendy's peaceful life was completely ruined. Fortunately, domestic racing was still relatively unpopular.

Wendy became famous very soon. The race of the USA had just finished, and the Internet was all discussing whether she could win the championship again in the next race.

There were still some people who didn't think highly of Wendy. There was even a conspiracy theory on the Internet, saying that the result of this race of Barnett was so bad was because ninety percent of the possibility was that he had bet money and deliberately lost the race.

"Is it so difficult to admit that Vivien is powerful?"

"Are these ridiculous Barnett's fans idiots to say these words? Don't they know that if Barnett really bet his own race and deliberately lost it, then he will face a lifelong ban. "

"Barnett's fans are as arrogant as him. How could they admit that Vivien is strong?"

When he passed by a staff member, Barnett s

ridan must have cursed her in his heart.

"It's okay. He's watching with me!" Rachel giggled.

After saying that, Rachel put the trophy on the cupboard and stepped back to appreciate it. "It's good, very beautiful. Others can see Wendy's trophy as soon as they come in."

"Wendy, Jared have brought back your book. It's in the study. You can go and sort it out later. I've put the curriculum on your desk." Rachel warned.

"Okay, thank you."

Holding Wendy's arm, Rachel smiled and said, "My silly girl, you don't need to thank me. We are family."

Before Wendy and Harold got married, Rachel had already called her family.

Wendy blushed and smiled happily. "Okay."

After Harold came back, the two of them had been separated for such a long time, so Rachel naturally left the space for them.

In the study, Harold was reading some documents while Wendy was previewing her books.

There was a plate of fruit in front of her, which was prepared by Rachel. From time to time, Wendy would forked a piece of fruit to Harold's lips. He took a slow bite, and the rest was eaten by herself.

The two of them just ate the fruit one by one.

All of a sudden, Harold's right shoulder became heavy and Wendy leaned her head against it.

Harold looked at Wendy's closed eyes, did she fall asleep? He thought to himself.

It seemed that she was under a lot of pressure after so many days of training and races. Harold felt very sorry for her and gently lifted her up.

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