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   Chapter 312 Registration For The new Term

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On the stage, Wendy took the trophy. William and Damon stood beside her, applauding with a smile.

"Vivien, Vivien!"

The host spoke with a microphone, but was drowned in the shouts of the spectators.

"Everyone, be quiet. Now it's an exciting interview. I believe you also want to hear Vivien, right?" The host waved to the spectators to calm them down.

The spectators were so excited that no one could hear what the host said.

Not to mention the spectators, all the people in the pit stop of Dragon were hugging each other excitedly, and no one cared what they were talking about outside.

With a smile on her face, Wendy made a shush gesture to the spectators. Her lovely expression stunned many of them. When they realized what had happened, they immediately shut their mouths to control their excitement.

Seeing that the crowd finally calmed down, the host hurriedly said, "OK! I didn't expect Vivien to be so popular. Congratulations! You won the champion of the race when you participated in F1 for the first time. Do you have anything to say to your fans who support you?"

Wendy took the microphone and said with a sincere smile, "I know many people didn't think highly of me when I took the driving test. My fans who supported me also quarreled with them on the Internet."

"I don't want to disappoint my lovely fans when they fight for me. Racing depends on results. I will reward my fans with the best results. "

Loud applause broke out. Many people whistled and shouted Vivien's name.

"Vivien is right! Indeed, there was no point in doing nothing! I have fallen in love with this cute girl! "

"Ahhh! How could Vivien be so cute! Cute!"

Wendy answered a few more questions of the host. After a brief interaction with the spectators, she went back to the pit stop.

After that, there would be a press conference and many interviews.

The coach was worried that she couldn't stand it anymore, so he asked her to go back to the hotel.

In this race, Wendy was the greatest dark horse, and Barnett was the greatest upset. It had been a long time since he fell into the top three.

He was about to leave the venue by car, bu

a month. Is she a student of your class? Or did she transfer to another school? "

"Of course she is in our class. Everyone is trying their best to enter the Capital University. How could they change schools?" A student said with a smile.

The instructor's face darkened, "Did I ask you to speak?"

"What? Didn't you ask... "

"Yes, I did ask a question, but did I ask you to speak? It seems that I have told you more than three times that if you have something to tell me, you should report me first, and you can only say it after I agree!"

The instructor snorted, "Everyone, turn left. Keep standing for fifteen minutes."

'Damn it! I was tricked.' It was about to disband, but they were punished for speaking without reporting. The classmate felt bitter.

Other students were so angry that they wanted to beat that classmate up.

The drillmaster walked slowly in the formation with the list in his hand and said, "You should thank me. If I keep you being sunned your faces of one side, you will all be in a half-dark face after the military training."

"I'm asking you to stand a little longer and bask more evenly."

"Ha ha!" One of the students couldn't help but burst into laughter. Seeing this, the instructor shouted angrily, "Who moved? I heard laughter!"

Everyone was so frightened that they immediately closed their mouths and dared not move. If they continued to move and were punished, they would collapse.

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