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   Chapter 311 No One Looked Down Upon Her

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After the warm-up, Wendy steadily drove to the starting position. William was behind her, Damon was behind her, and Barnett was behind William.

Holding the steering wheel angrily, Barnett kept staring at the back of Wendy.

If someone took off his helmet at this time, he would definitely see his jealous eyes.

There were too many things involved in this race, and no one dared to be careless.

"Vivien, don't be so smug. The champion is mine!" Barnett snorted in his heart.

At this point, Barnett still looked down upon Wendy.

The race began to count down. The five green lights were turned on one by one. At the moment when the five green lights were all turned off, Wendy reacted quickly and immediately started the racing car and rushed out first.

"Wow! As expected, Vivien's starting was still so shocking. We didn't expect that she could still make it in F1. Ah! Now she was in the inner lane. Vivien was in the first place, followed by William and Damon! Barnett, hey, buddy, why did you fall to the seventh place?"

In less than five seconds from the beginning to now, the situation was changeable. The commentator was very eloquent and spoke a lot of words, making the audience worry that he would be out of breath.

"Wow! Vivien is really good at running. I didn't expect her to drive so fast in the rain! "

"Oh my God! Two racing cars crashed into each other. It was a sudden crisis. Now we can see that the staff is shaking the yellow flag. "

Shaking the yellow flag meant that there was an accident on the scene. All the racing cars slowed down and followed the safety cars. Overtaking was not allowed.

This was a good thing for Steve. He had planned to start from the tenth place, but after starting, he had fallen to the fifteenth place.

Now slowing down could close the distance between each car. As long as he performed well from now on, it should be able to enter a few more places.

It was a slippery road in the rain. The race continued after the staff quickly packed up the racing car and the spare parts that fell on the ground.

As soon as the safety car returned to the pit stop, Wendy, who ranked first, immediately sped up an


Fortunately, he adjusted his mentality in time and ran into the top ten again.

"There are less than five laps left. Do William and Damon, who are following behind, have the chance to make a difference?"

"What's wrong with Barnett? Today's overall performance of him is very bad, as if he has lost his soul."

"Yes! He couldn't even make it into the top four. How could he want to win the championship at such a low level? How ridiculous! "

Some people who disliked Barnett and Wendy's fans were fighting fiercely on the twitter.

"There are still two laps left. Damon sped up! He has distanced himself from William, but he is still a little far away from Vivien! "

"One more lap!" The commentator cautiously saw that Wendy quickly crossed the finish line. He shouted excitedly, "She won! Vivien won the first prize of this year! "

"Vivien was the first, and Barnett was the fifth. What's wrong with Barnett this year?"

"I guess he must feel uncomfortable because he looks down upon Vivien!"

Wendy won the championship by a big advantage. The media immediately sent the news as soon as they received the result.

The first female racing driver in the history of F1 racing won the champion of the race when she participated in her first racing, except that she was a female racing driver.

Many racers just came to F1 and couldn't win a race. Wendy was shocked by the news.

No one dared to look down upon her again!

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