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   Chapter 310 It Rained

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The assistant helped him search for the answer.

"Oh, it turns out that the pole position is the first-starting position of the final." Albert was glad to see that there were so many reports about Wendy on the Internet.

The assistant came to help with the search, so she saw the photos on the news. She was surprised to see that the girl who often came to the company was actually a racing driver.

She glanced at the news roughly. It said that Vivien had won the first place in the qualifying match.

The assistant naturally stepped back and stood behind Albert, but her eyes were fixed on the computer screen.

Albert smiled and said, "Steve is not bad. He ranks the eleventh, although he is not as good as Wendy. Ha ha."

Hearing the name "Wendy" from Albert, the assistant was sure that she didn't see the wrong person this time. It was really her!

On the other side, in the underground racing venue of G City, two slender legs were clamped on the table. Looking at the smiling face of Wendy on the screen, Sherwood raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "Awesome! You are ranked first. You really don't disappoint me."

Wendy's qualifying match was a great honor for her fans. They were so excited that they began to find out those sarcastic remarks on the twitter and fought back excitedly.

The slanderers didn't have anything to say about today's qualifying race. Some slanderers didn't reply, and some of them replied with anger, "It's just a qualifying race. There were so many cars on the track at the same time in the final. Maybe she had a car accident as soon as she set out! Ha ha! "

As soon as this comment came out, the fans were so excited that they went to curse them back.

"You are so heartless. How could you curse Vivien to hit the car?"

"So the slanderers who can't refute could only pray for Vivien's car accident? How ridiculous! "

"Some men are born to look down upon women, rubbish!"

At first, many racers looked down upon Wendy and Steve. But today, they gave them a lesson. In the final tomorrow, they had to pay attention to Vivien, the real black horse!

The members of Dragon were very happy. When they were about to leave the venue, they were surrounded by

y! " One of the staff sighed.

She shook her head and said, "Yes, it's indeed a little difficult to race in rainy day, but it's the same for me and other racers. There is no saying that who will lose and who will gain!"

Wendy slightly smiled, "If you want to win the championship, you have to overcome all the difficulties in front of you, no matter it's the sun or the rain."

"Well, everyone, be happy. This is the first show of me and Steve! What if your low spirits affect us? " Wendy joked.

This sentence was so powerful that everyone's body trembled and they immediately nodded their heads and began to work.

"I didn't expect that Wendy would encourage them better than us!" The coach smiled and said, "Steve, you have never driven F1 in rainy days. If you are not sure about the speed, I think you'd better be conservative. Safety is more important than ranking."

"Okay, I know." Steve nodded.

Even though it was raining, the spectators still came to the scene early. Even storms could not resist their enthusiasm.

Everyone had entered the last stage of preparation. The green light was on, and each driver set out from the rest area.

The first lap was the warm-up lap. Everyone kept walking on the route of S. In all the racing cars, there was only one car that was running straightly and differently.

"Hahaha, OK, the red Shadow in the front is Vivien. It seems that she cares more about the tire than the warming up!" The commentator laughed.

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