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   Chapter 309 Pole Position

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In the next fifteen minutes, the six who were ranked at the bottom of the list were eliminated, and the rankings of eleven to sixteen were determined.

In the last twenty minutes, the remaining ten racers were divided into one to ten with the shortest time of one lap.

The previous rules would take a long time, and the new rules would greatly shorten the time for the qualifying.

Steve didn't know much about this, "Wendy, do you think this new rule is good or not for us?"

"I think the previous rules are fair and reasonable, but the new rules are not unreasonable either. It's good to use a short time." Wendy shrugged. "I don't think the new rule has any effect on me."

"Wow! I don't know if it will affect me. " Steve scratched his head in embarrassment.

"Don't be nervous. Perform well."


The race began to count down, and all the drivers began to sit in their own racing cars.

The purpose of the race qualifying was to compare the shortest time of a single lap, and there was no need to overtake and run the first place, so the racing cars were usually set off from the pit stop.

The green light outside the pit stop was on, and the first racing car took the lead.

"OK! This year's eye-catching race finally began! We saw the first racing car driving out of the pit. " The commentator began to analyze the race.

All of a sudden, there was an uproar in the scene. The commentator hurriedly looked away at the screen and saw a red formula racing car with the logo of Shadow on it.

"All right! The red Shadow we see now is Vivien's racing car! The spectators are very excited. It seems that everyone is interested in Vivien's performance today."

"This is Steve, also Dragon's racing driver. He and Vivien have both been promoted from Formula Renault to F1, but he is much weaker than Vivien. But we are still looking forward to his first show of F1!"

The commentator explained and analyzed the racing cars that were driven out of the pit one by one. He didn't notice that Wendy had jumped to the first place on the right column.

What? Did she finish the first lap?

The television director also noti

dn't believe that the girl he looked down upon from CN country could play a good role in the F1 race!

The more he thought about it, the less skillful he was.

The commentator shouted without mercy, "Ah! What's wrong with Barnett? How could such a stupid mistake be made by him? He must have a hard time in this curve!"

"There are less than three minutes left. At present, Vivien is still in the first place. There is not much time left for Barnett!"

In the last two laps, Barnett didn't operate well. Wendy won the first place finally. She broke the record with one minutes and twenty-eight seconds, zero point eight seconds faster than the record.

William ranked second, Damon ranked third and Barnett ranked fourth.

The times of the top three players were all very tight, but Barnett was a second behind. The gap between them was a little big.

It was known that in F1 race, they didn't decide the result by second. The result was often 1 point 287, 1 point 286, which was a weak advantage to win.

What was more amazing was that Vivien, who was supposed to be lose because of her identity as a former Formula Renault racer, got the pole position!

Racing Drivers Who Get The Pole Position! Vivien Took The Pole! Vivien Fought Back, Barnett Only Won The Fourth Place! ...

"What does it mean by pole position?" Albert, who was in Y City far away, looked at the comments on the Internet and asked in confusion.

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