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   Chapter 307 Bullshit

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Laura frowned and said, "Then we have no choice but to wait."

"That's all we can do."

When he came back home, Harold heard from Rachel that Jake had called just now. He frowned slightly. In the next few days, he didn't mention it on the phone with Wendy.

Wendy's F1 first show was very important to her. Harold didn't want these unimportant things to disturb her mood and affect her performance.

After the devil training in the past few days, Wendy's best result in a single lap reached the average of the F1 racing driver. Seeing the result, the coach smiled happily.

At the beginning, everyone was worried that Wendy's performance would be different from that of other F1 racers. They didn't expect that the best time had been reached within a few days after she got in touch with F1 racing.

If the training went on like this, based on her daily progress, she was likely to stand with Barnett, William and Damon.

Seeing that Wendy's results were constantly breaking her record, everyone in Dragon was looking forward to her performance!

Seeing the progress of Wendy, Steve was under great pressure. In order not to fall behind her too much, he also continued to increase his training, trying not to fall behind too much in his first F1 race.

The team took good care of the two of them, with all kinds of custom-made nutritious food.

Under everyone's full preparation, the two of them and the team members had a tacit understanding, and the time for changing the tires was also decreasing.

This year's F1 race was about to start, and the other racers were also focused on training. No one had the energy to pay attention to Wendy and Steve, so they didn't know how far they had progressed.

This F1 race was held in the USA. This year, with Wendy, the most popular female racing car, the topic and heat of the race were high.

Both slanderers and fans were looking forward to the race.

In order to witness the female racing driver who appeared on the F1 racing track for the fi

latter Barnett. The atmosphere suddenly became very strange.

The staff came one by one and called their names to take photos in the studio. At first, they would take single photos, and then take group photos.

In her previous life, Wendy had taken a lot of photos, and she was very clear about the process.

But when it came to group photo shooting, there was a conflict.

Normally, when they took the group photo, Barnett stood in the middle, and William and Damon were standing next to him respectively.

But this year was different. With the presence of Wendy, who was a single female racing driver, the center position in the middle was given to her unexpectedly.

When he was told by the staff, Barnett frowned with dissatisfaction, "What did you say? I'm standing behind her? "

"Uh..." Being stared at coldly by Barnett, the staff felt a little guilty. "Well, that's what the cameraman arranged."

"I have been standing in the middle for so many years. Why should I stand beside her now?" Barnett asked in a cold voice.

The staff hastily explained, "This is just a position. The cameraman thinks that Vivien standing in the middle will have a sense of balance!"

"Bullshit! I don't think there is a sense of balance! Let me tell you the truth. I won't stand behind her! What a shame! " Barnett cursed in disgust.

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