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   Chapter 306 Fruitless Efforts

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Ivy asked angrily, "What does dad think! Although Sara hasn't been married, she has done something stupid to disgrace the Shangguan family. How could he want to transfer her shares to Wendy?"

"I really can't figure it out. Dad let her learn business administration, and is going to arrange her to work in the company. Does he really want to lose the face of our family?"

Laura also sighed, "what's more, Wendy has been admitted to the Capital University. Think about it. Can ordinary people go to the Capital University! Her classmates will ask her about her identity out of courtesy. She can tell everyone about our Shangguan family. Then the scandal will be spread out!"

Their worries were reasonable, and the faces of Jake and Paul also darkened.

After a moment's silence, Jake looked at Laura and said, "Laura, go to talk with Wendy tomorrow and persuade her not to publicize the relationship between us."

Laura frowned, "Why me? I don't want to go! "

"Why don't you want to go?" Jake asked in confusion.

"At that time, my friend will see me and Wendy outside and ask about our relationship. Do you think it's better for me to tell the truth or lie? To be honest, I can't afford to disgrace myself. If I lie, Wendy will definitely feel uncomfortable. It will be terrible if she goes to our father to report! I don't want to go. You can go if you want. I won't go anyway! " Laura shook her head and said.

"Hey, Laura, don't you know how to choose a place where your friends seldom go?" Ivy cut in.

Hearing this, Laura pointed at her and said, "Okay, okay. Since you have made it so simple, you can go to tell Wendy. I'm waiting for your good news."

"Well, I..." Ivy was stunned. She didn't expect that Laura would throw it to her. She didn't want to take it at all!

Seeing the two's hesitation, Paul said helplessly, "All right. Don'

up by Rachel. "Hello?"

"Hello, is that Mrs. Rachel?" Jake asked with a smile.

"Well, who are you?"

"I'm Wendy's uncle. I'm sorry to bother you."

Raising her eyebrows slightly, Rachel said, "Really? Are you looking for Wendy? "

"Yes, I have something to talk to Wendy. Please let her answer the phone." Jake smiled.

"Well, I'm sorry that Wendy is not in the capital city."

Jake was a little surprised, "Isn't Wendy in the capital city?"

"Yes, she is not in the capital city."

"Then, where did she go?" Jake asked.

Knowing that Wendy didn't want the Shangguan family to know about her, Rachel rolled her eyes and lied, "Didn't Wendy be admitted by the Capital University this time? So she went abroad to travel."

"Oh, she went on a trip! But it's indeed something worth celebrating and relaxing. Do you know when Wendy will come back? "

"I don't know."

"Oh, okay. Please let Wendy call me back when she comes back, okay?"

"Okay, that's what I should do."

The two of them talked for a while before Jake hung up the phone.

"Did Wendy travel abroad?"


"If you had called them earlier, there would be no such things. What's more, I have wasted a whole day in the ward today." Ivy sighed.

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