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   Chapter 304 Get A Driving License

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During this period of time, Wendy and Steve had been crazily training. Now, Steve's fastest single lap speed was constantly increasing, and he had a lot of confidence in the following competitions.

Seeing Wendy's good performance, the major media also began to change their attitudes and praise Wendy.

However, after the first day's report, many people still thought that Wendy was a newbie. When it came to the race, she would be ruthlessly crushed and directly ranked bottom.

Some even thought it was good for her to run to the last three.

Steve was ignored by the media and passers-by because of his inferior skills and fame.

However, Steve's unwillingness was aroused. He was very strict with himself. Sometimes when Wendy went to bed, he was still training. He really hoped that there was no word "tired" in his dictionary.

The coach couldn't stand it anymore and persuaded, "Steve, you'd better come here and have a rest. Don't practice too hard."

"Okay, I know." Steve nodded and sat down on the chair to rest.

As soon as he sat down, he began to discuss with Wendy.

F1 racing car was very fast. Formula Renault racing car was two hundred kilometers per hour, while F1 racing car was more than 300 kilometers per hour. When the car was braked in some corners, it would cause a huge damage to the tires.

Most of the F1 races had to run around the track for more than sixty laps. Most of the time, when they ran more than 30 laps, they had to enter the pit stop to change the tire. Changing the tire was also a technical work.

At present, the fastest speed was created by Barnett. It took only two seconds or eight to change the four tires from entering to leaving the pit stop. This speed was extremely terrifying.

Although their goal was to get a super driving license, it was worth studying how to shorten the time and cooperate with the crew of the team.

This was a technical work that required great concentration. A mistake of the staff could even destroy a competition.

Seeing the two of them chatting

to hide his skills."

"I think your analysis is reliable. What a pity that he has been suppressed by a woman for so long."

Wendy was sitting alone. No one was sitting next to her. It seemed that she was isolated.

She ignored everyone's ridicule and comments. In her previous life, if she wanted to be recognized by others, she had to prove herself by good performance.

After running more than 70 laps, though he made a small mistake in the last few laps, Steve got the super driving license smoothly.

At the beginning, the drivers who mocked them couldn't laugh anymore. Was this the rookie they mocked just now? This skill was even better than theirs!

But then something more surprising happened.

Under the gaze of so many people, Wendy sat in the racing car. There was no mistake from the beginning to the end, and the time was always the shortest among all the racers present.

'Is this a newbie? Is she bragged too much? Is this a test the examiner let her pass on purpose?'

Thinking of what they had just discussed in private, the racers shut their mouths in embarrassment and sat quietly in their seats without saying anything.

It took them more time than the newbies they said. If they were not newbies, then what were they.

"Wow! Wendy, you are awesome. Your time is much faster than mine! " Steve ran over happily and praised.

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