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   Chapter 303 Separated For Several Days

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6868

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"Everything is fine except that it's a little hot."

"That's good. Come and have a rest." Wendy sat on the chair, gasping for breath. The staff turned on the wind to blow her face. Her face was as hot as a red apple.

Steve also returned to the maintenance area. He didn't look good.

The coach also asked him with concern. He said he could hold on, so he sat next to Wendy with a bottle of water. "F1 racing car is more difficult to control than that of Formula Renault."

"Of course. Take it easy." "Now our goal is to get the driving license first and train more to find a better feeling."

"That's all I can do."

Hearing their conversation, the coach said, "Steve, are you too strict with yourself? Don't always compare yourself with Wendy. "

"Of course we should compare with each other. It's the first time for Wendy to drive F1, but she didn't make any mistake just now. She controlled the accelerator and brake perfectly at the corner." Steve said with hesitation, "Wendy can do it, but I can't. So I'm a little depressed."

Wendy lowered her head helplessly. She could do it thanks to her previous life experience. When she touched F1 for the first time, her performance was not much better than Steve's.

Unable to explain these words to Steve, she could only cheer him up, "Don't worry. Take your time. We will be here this month. Keep in touch."


"Hi, Vivien!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Wendy turned around and asked, "Really? William, Damon, why are you here?"

Damon: "I heard that you are here for training, so we come to have a look."

"Vivien, you did a good job today. Are you sure you can get the driving license?" William asked.

"If I tell you that I'm not sure, will you believe me?"

"Are you kidding? You are not sure? " Damon obviously didn't believe it.

"Ha ha, it's just a joke. Of course I'm sure of it."

Damon: "I'm more and more looking forward to competing with you. Come on."

"Thank you. I will try my best."

William: "Barnett came to see your training just now, but he

said, "There are still a lot of documents to read. Cough."

"Harold, you caught a cold?" Wendy asked worriedly.

"It's not a big deal..."

"Cough and cold are not big deal? This couldn't be ignored. Have you taken the medicine? Remember to take your medicine. I won't disturb you. Go to bed now. " After saying a lot of things, Wendy hung up the phone in a hurry.

After he hung up the phone, Harold sighed and smiled helplessly. It was really a good way to change the topic.

But when he recalled the worried tone of Wendy on the phone just now, he felt a little guilty. After thinking for a while, he decided not to lie to her in the future.

It seemed that he criticized himself in his mind. Harold picked up the document and looked through it.

"Tap, tap, tap."

"Come in."

Jared came in with a bowl in his hand. With a frown, Harold asked, "What's it?"

Jared looked at Harold suspiciously and asked, "Mr. Harold, when did you catch a cold? Why didn't I know? Miss Wendy called me and asked me to make some antipyretics for you. She also asked me to see you drink it before leaving. "

It seemed that he had dug a hole for himself. Harold shook his head and said, "I've taken the medicine just now. Pour this one out."

"You have taken? Oh, okay, I'll pour it out. " To be honest, Jared didn't doubt it and left the study with the medicine.

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