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   Chapter 302 Brilliant Operation

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Now, Barnett was the top driver of the team of Royal Duke, and the team's resources were completely focused on him. William couldn't ask him to stay for watching Wendy's training.

The training was still going on. Steve started the racing car and continued to follow Wendy. This time, his speed was much slower than before, which made Steve get the feeling of F1 racing first.

The feeling of stepping on the accelerator of an F1 racing car was completely different from that of Formula Renault. Maybe you just wanted to speed up a little, but this step would immediately increase the speed of the racing car.

Steve felt the subtle touch and difference seriously.

The speed of the first few laps was ridiculously slow. All the team experts sitting in the audience training room frowned and asked, "So slow?"

"Maybe the gap between Formula Renault and F1 is too big. They haven't adapted to the racing car very soon." Someone speculated.

"It seems that this Vivien can't pose any threat to others."

"Yes, I think so. The physical quality of a man and a woman is very surprising. I've told you that Vivien can only beat the newbies in Formula Renault, not qualified to F1 at all."

"It's so boring. I thought I would see some wonderful performance so I cancelled an important meeting of mine. Well, you can stay and have a look. I'm leaving now. "

"To be honest, I want to leave too."

"Then let's go together. It's a waste of time to sit here."


The spectators left one after another, but William still sat there quietly.

"Hey, William, are you not leaving?"

"If you have something urgent, you can go back first. I'll sit here and have a look." William shook his head.

The team member asked in confusion, "What's so good about it?"

William smiled and said nothing.

The staff looked up at the big screen and found that Steve's racing car had slipped again. Then, Wendy's racing car stopped again.

This kind of operation was too eye-catching, and he was used to watching th

m analyzed, "It can be seen that she slowed down just now to wait for Steve. Steve made a lot of mistakes, but Vivien didn't. There are many detailed operations worth studying in these dozens of laps!"

Damon raised his eyebrows and said, "Now that the analysis of your team have left, you have to keep it in mind and tell them not to be too careless. Otherwise, they will be very embarrassed if they lose."

William smiled, "Why should I remind them? I feel that they are too arrogant. If Vivien can really win her F1 virgin match, it's good news for Royal Duke. It's good for them to wake up."

"Ha ha, OK, I know what you mean." Damon saw that Wendy was driving to the pit stop after running seventy laps. He stood up and asked, "I'm going there. Are you going with me?"

"Well, I haven't seen Vivien for a long time."

Leonardo returned to the rest area. She pulled out the steering wheel and got out of the racing car. The staff hurried to fetch water and paper to wipe her sweat.

The temperature in the racing car was as high as fifty or sixty degrees Celsius, which was no different from that in the steamer. For a long time in this kind of environment, people's bodies were likely to be dehydrated.

Wendy took the bottle and gulped it down.

"How do you feel, Wendy? Do you feel uncomfortable? " The coach asked worriedly.

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