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   Chapter 266 Guilt And Apology

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After thinking it over, Derek finally decided to tell Wendy what had happened in the past.

The haggard Derek recalled the past and said, "Your mother and I were classmates in college. I liked her very much, but I didn't dare to express my love to her. I kept my love in my heart."

"At that time, your father was more outstanding in both appearance and talent. He was a big shot in the school, because he and your mother were in the student union. They became familiar with each other after several times, and naturally they were together."

"I felt bitter when they are together. And I'm glad that I didn't express my love to her. I can be her friend and stay with her."

Wendy frowned and asked, "Then why did they separate?"

"I don't know. Your mother kept silent as soon as I asked her about it. She didn't want to tell me the reason." Derek said bitterly, "I returned to Y City after graduation. I thought I would never meet your mother in my life, but I didn't expect to see her in the hospital one day. Then I knew that she ran away from home and was pregnant with you!"

"I was very happy at that time. I thought my chance had come. I don't mind if the baby in Sara's belly is mine. I love her, and I love her child as well!" Derek's eyes turned red, "I tried every means to persuade her to be with me. After many efforts, she finally agreed to be with me. I didn't expect to be stopped by my family. My father suddenly passed away, and my mother hates Sara even more."

"Sara felt sorry for me when she saw my family become like this, so she refused to be with me and took you to live alone in P County." Derek looked at Wendy with excitement and complained tearfully, "I've tried, and I've persuaded. Sara just didn't agree to be with me. I have no choice but to accept the arranged commercial marriage with Zhou family for several years."

Looking at the crying man in front of her, Wendy was shocked. The father she had thought coward was the most pitiful one!

She had always thought t

said that Derek was going to be fired today. Why did Derek suddenly change to be the chairman of the board? What was going on? The person on the other end of the phone was confused, but he still replied, "Yes, I know. I'll tell Mr. Albert now."

After Wendy hanging up the phone, Derek was completely confused. "You, you, this..."

Derek pointed at the phone and stared at Wendy.

She lowered her head and apologized again, "I'm sorry. I bought the company."

"No, the company has been purchased by the Summer Group, hasn't it? What does it have to do with you? " Derek asked in surprise, "Is the Summer Group the company of the He family?"

Pursing her lips, Wendy shook her head. "It's my company."

"Your company?" Derek was shocked, "Where did you get the money to open a company?"

"I'm sorry for keeping it from you." Since Wendy knew that Derek was innocent and he didn't betray her mother, there was no need to hide it from him. "I'm a professional racing driver. I've made a lot of money by racing in the past few years. I'm interested in cars, so I started a car making company. Now the company has made a little money."

Wendy said modestly. If the Summer Group only earned a little money, how could it acquire the X Company? Derek was petrified. It was so much information that he couldn't react in a short time.

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