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   Chapter 265 Keep The Secret

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Updated: 2020-06-02 00:03

When Wendy and Jared walked in, there were almost wine bottles on the sofa. Was Derek going to move all the wine at home?

The drunken Derek didn't realize these problems at all. He staggered back to the sofa, looked at Wendy and sighed, "Sara, are you also disappointed in me? The murderer has been with me for so many years, but I didn't find her!"

"I'm sorry to make you suffer. It's all my fault! I married such a vicious woman! " Derek angrily picked up the bottle and threw it to the ground, and the glass fragments splashed out on the ground.

Jared reacted quickly and pulled Wendy behind him to avoid the glass fragments.

Derek continued, "Sara, I haven't done anything I promised you. When Wendy moved out of the Xie family, she was completely disappointed in me. No, no! There's one thing I've done well! "

Derek looked up at Wendy with a silly smile.

Looking at Derek's silly smile, Wendy had a mixed feeling.

She came here today to see what would happen to the Xie family. She didn't know whether she should be happy or angry since her usually calm father had become a drunken maniac.

Following Derek's words, Wendy asked, "What have you done well?"

"Ha ha, I have kept your secret for you. I haven't said a word to Wendy!" Derek giggled and reached for the bottle on the table.

Derek picked up the bottle and wanted to drink, but he didn't get it after a few seconds. He shook the bottle in confusion, and it was empty.

He put the bottle on the sofa and began to look around for the wine that hadn't been opened.

Derek's words puzzled Wendy. Mother's secret? Did it refer to her mother's background? She had already known about it.

"You mean Wendy's background?" Asked Wendy.

Derek finally found a bottle of beer, but he couldn't find the opener. He was so drunk that he began to bite the bottle cap with his teeth.

Wendy coul

hat she was wrong. Derek said in person that he was indeed not her biological father.

"Say something! Do you want me to die of anxiety? " Wendy thought of something and said in a hurry, "It's stressful to prepare the college entrance examination when I am in grade three! You don't say anything now. I can't listen to my class and I can't read any books. I just want to know what happened to you in the past!"

Wendy's words hit Derek's soft spot. He turned around in a hurry and slapped himself.

Derek's sudden move startled Wendy. "What are you doing?"

"It's all my fault! It's all my fault. Damn it! You are under so much pressure preparing the college entrance examination. I'm making trouble for you!" The more Derek said, the angrier he became. He wanted to slap himself again.

This time, Wendy reacted quickly and grabbed Derek's wrist. "Stop it! If you don't want me to lose in the college entrance examination, please tell me what happened that year!"

Wendy looked more and more like Sara. She was supposed to enjoy the care of her parents and grow up happily at this age.

Because of Alina, Sara was now in a vegetative state. Because of his mother, Wendy moved out of the Xie family.

Derek felt he owed Wendy too much.

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