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   Chapter 245 Keep The Secret

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His words were in English. Damon looked at Steve and Wendy and said with a smile, "I checked in the hotel. If you are worried, you can come with us."

"OK! I'll go with you! " Steve immediately nodded, afraid that Damon would go back on his words.

Ken, who was going to hold the celebration party, had no choice but to cancel it and tell them to be careful.

Luckily, with Jared's company, there shouldn't be anything wrong with Wendy.

The three of them arrived at the hotel in Damon's car. The paparazzi who followed them all the way immediately took out their cameras and shot them wildly.

Jared peered into the darkness. Noticing what he was doing, Wendy asked, "What are you looking at, Jared?"

"Someone is following us." Jared said with a frown.

"It should be the paparazzi." Wendy looked up at Damon's back and said, "They should be for him. Damon is more famous than me."

Damon couldn't understand Chinese, but when he heard Wendy mention him, he turned around and asked in confusion, "what?"

"Someone is following us."

"Stalking? Where are they? " Damon raised his eyebrows and looked in the direction pointed by Wendy.

Damon said with disgust, "They should be paparazzi. They follow me all day long, like chewing gum. I can't get rid of them no matter how hard I try!"

"Do you need my friend's help?" Wendy asked for his opinion.

Damon looked at Jared's figure and whistled, "So cool!"

Jared was scared by Damon's stare and stepped back in a hurry.

Damon was amused by Jared's reaction. He shook his head and said, "I don't need your friend's help. The paparazzi are pitiful. If they can't shoot the news they will have no money to earn, just let them stay there."

"OK! It's up to you. "


The elevator arrived. The four of them took it.

The paparazzi in the dark frowned and said, "They seemed to have discovered us just now!"

"Yes! How did they find us? "

"It doesn't matter how he found it. Let's hurry up and follow him. We have taken a lot of photos this time. Ha ha, I didn't expect Vivien to have such a good relationship with Damon! Do you think the two of them is?"


best result was to win the third place, and most of them were in the fourth and fifth place.

She didn't know what kind of racing it was, so she copied the title of the live stream and searched it. The website showed the bonus of the champion of Formula Renault.

The head teacher was flabbergasted and whispered, "Wendy is also a racing driver, even more powerful than Steve. Why didn't she say it? Why did she lie to me?"

She checked the time of the races. Sure enough, the two of them asked for leave to participate in the race. It seemed that the two were only team members and they were not together.

The head teacher clicked the rebroadcast button and watched the racing video again. She even stayed up late to watch the previous video, making sure that the two were not in a relationship.

The head teacher didn't know why Wendy wanted to keep a secret. She planned to ask the two when they came back.

On the second day, the head teacher kept yawning in the office. The teacher next to her looked at the blue in her eyes and frowned. "Didn't you have a good rest yesterday? It seems that you are very sleepy. "

"Yes! I didn't have a good rest. " The head teacher smiled awkwardly.

What happened yesterday was too shocking. In order to observe if the two of them were together, she stayed up late to check the previous video. When she came to her senses, she found that it was three o'clock in the morning.

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