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At this time, the spectator seats were shown on the screen. Many foreigners, with five-star red flags on their faces, held the banner in their hands and said, "Come on, Vivien."

Wendy's face flashed. The head teacher almost doubted if she had a hallucination.

"It should be Wendy. It seems to be her! Oh, why is there only one picture? " At this time, the head teacher kept murmuring in her heart, hoping that the photographer could give Wendy a shot so that she could make sure if that was her student.

The head teacher's mind was full of Wendy's lies to her. She didn't realize that Wendy was obviously not with the other spectators.

From the spectator seats to Steve in the Dragon shown on the screen, the head teacher was very angry and felt bad for the two to deceive her together.

At this time, the screen moved to the left and she saw Wendy sitting next to Steve.

Seeing the cameraman in front of her, Wendy raised her hand and waved to the camera with a smile.

When the spectators saw the smiling girl on the big screen, they pulled the small banner and cheered and screamed.

The head teacher rubbed her eyes and looked at the computer screen again. This time, the director did not cut the scene out, and the head teacher could be one hundred percent sure that she did not see anything wrong.

"Wendy! Are you really going abroad with Steve! You, you two really lied to me! "

The head teacher didn't hear what the person in the video said in English. She fixed her eyes on Wendy and Steve.

It was the last stage of preparation. Wendy and Steve reached out their hands respectively. The two fists collided with each other and they smiled at each other.

In the head teacher's eyes, this way of cheering was very ambiguous.

"Eh? What happened? " The head teacher finally found something wrong. On the screen, Wendy wore a racing helmet. Then she found that her clothes were the same as Steve's!

What was going on?

Before the head teacher could figure it out, she saw that Wendy and the others had

at day will come soon! I want to ask you something. Is there a car called Shadow in CN country?" Damon asked.

Wendy looked at him in surprise. "Yes! How do you know Shadow?"

Damon explained, "An employee of our team went to a business trip to CN country. When she saw the Shadow's car, she felt it was cool and took a photo back with her mobile phone."

"I happened to see the photos when I passed by. The car is indeed cool. I wanted to buy one, but I asked them to inquire about it. It seems that Shadow's car can only be bought online, and it can be designed by oneself through DIY."

"You know, I can't understand Chinese, so I need your help to translate the words on the website." Damon spoke fast.

Steve, who studied hard in English, could barely understand some, but it was still a little difficult.

Damon actually liked Shadow. With the influence of Damon, he could help the company make money and even help Shadow open the market abroad. How could Wendy miss this opportunity?

She nodded happily and smiled, "No problem. Now or?"

"Do you need to have a dinner to celebrate your victory today? If there is no need for dinner, I hope you can help me now. "

Wendy shook her head and said with a smile, "Then let's go now. We don't have a party."

"Okay, let's go now."

"Wendy, where are you going?" Steve frowned and asked.

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