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   Chapter 243 Outer Net

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"It's not a big deal. If I like it, I can buy it." Zachary said calmly.

"Oh, it's really beautiful. How did you know the brand of Shadow, dad?"

"I got it from Harold."

"Oh? Well, Shadow's boss is a friend of the He family? Or their relative?"

"Why do you ask this?"

Jake smiled with embarrassment, "I'm just curious. A car brand suddenly appeared in the capital and made such a big noise. This person is a talent, so I want to know him."

"I don't know. You can ask Harold if you have any questions." Zachary coughed and frowned. He waved his hand and said, "Are you coming here to ask me this question? If you don't have anything else to do, you can go back to the company. I have to go to bed. "

"Okay, okay! Dad, have a good rest! " After helping Zachary back to his room, Jake left the courtyard.

In the bedroom, listening to the sound of the car driving away, Zachary frowned.

In the head teacher's office, Wendy had no choice but to ask for leave because the Formula Renault race was scheduled to be held next Monday.

The head teacher asked with concern, "You want to ask for leave? For what? Are you not feeling well?"

"No, I have something to deal with at home."

"Oh, I see." The head teacher knew that Wendy's embarrassing identity in the Xie family, so she thought it was the matter of the Xie family. "Wendy, the final exam is coming, and you are going to be in Grade Three next semester. You can't affect your study because of anything else, you know it? If you have any trouble or difficulty, you can tell me and I will help you."

"Yes, I will." Wendy said with a smile.

The head teacher shook her head helplessly and approved Wendy's note for leave.

On her way back to the classroom, Wendy met Steve. "Come on," she said with a smile.

"Okay." Steve smiled and walked into the teacher's office.

"What? You asked for leave again? " The head teacher frowned and asked, "Why do you ask for leave with Wendy every time?"

Steve pretended to be confused, "what? Wendy also asked for leave? What a c

ght. Wendy always answers my questions enthusiastically. I can't ask her questions if her study is influenced by the blow. "

The teacher saw the students were talking about Steve and Wendy excitedly, the whole class was in a mess.

Hearing people's guesses about their relationship, Bess felt a little unhappy. She held the pen tightly in her right hand and felt very irritable.

"Well, let's stop talking about them. Let's start the class." The teacher patted the blackboard to draw everyone's attention.

Although the students of the class didn't mention it, the relationship between the two was still spread like a kite with a broken line.

At this time, Wendy and Steve, who were far away in the KOR country, did not know that there was a gossip about them in the school, and it was getting worse and worse.

The head teacher also heard rumors. It seemed that everyone had the same guess with her!

She tried her best to inquire about a website that could watch racing live abroad, but it required VPN to watch it. With the help of her friends, she successfully watched the live broadcast on the outer net.

The internet was slow, it took her a lot of time for waiting. As soon as she entered the live streaming room, Wendy's face appeared on the screen!

"What! Wendy lied to me! She really went abroad with Steve!" The head teacher was shocked.

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