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   Chapter 242 The Hottest Topic

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After getting the new car, Zachary asked the driver to stroll around the capital city in order to help Wendy publicize the car.

The car was parked in a shopping mall of the Shangguan family. The pedestrians in the shopping mall looked at the novel and unique car and asked, "Wow, dear, that car is so beautiful! What brand is it? "

"I've never seen this brand before. Maybe it's an imported car!"

"Dude, this is not an imported car! This is a domestic car! "

"Domestic car? When did the domestic car become so beautiful? "

"This is a new brand in our country called Shadow. This brand is very interesting. You can design your own models and they are making them. And this one is unique. "

"Wow? Could I design it by myself? But I can't draw!"

"They have a website on which you can choose your favorite models and the parts and equipment of the whole car. My cousin's cousin stayed up late last night to design and then placed the order! "

"I like their unique design very much. If I don't know how to design, can I ask their designers to design?"

"Yes, no problem at all!"

"It must be very expensive, right?"

"Of course."

"What's the website of Shadow? I'll go back to the company and have a look later."

Hearing their conversation, many people around them secretly remembered Shadow's website.

In the underground parking lot of the shopping mall, Zachary met his friend.

"Yo, did you buy a new car?"

"Yes! This car is nice, isn't it? "

"Very nice and atmospheric! This brand is very strange. I've never seen it before."

"This car is called Shadow, a domestic one!"

"Shadow? It sounds familiar. " The man thought for a while and asked, "Can this Shadow be designed online by yourself?"

Zachary's eyes lit up, "Have you heard of it?"

"My son attended a party yesterday. After he came back, he talked about the matter of Shadow. Then he went back to his room to explore the design. Ha ha, this is Shadow. It is indeed much more beautiful than the domestic cars on the market. What about its performance?"

"Very good, even better than an imported car!" Zachary kept praising it.

His friend looke

to design by myself. So I let them design. What about you?"

"Forget it! Alas! "

"What's wrong?"

"I want to buy it, but my father won't buy it for me! I mentioned it to him yesterday. He scolded me and said that I have spent too much money. It's so annoying! "

"Ha ha, you just bought a sports car and now you want to buy a Shadow car."

"If I had known Shadow, I wouldn't have spent millions on this imported car! If only I had known it earlier! "

"You can sell this imported car to someone else and then buy Shadow's."

"The second-hand car is not worth much, and Shadow's car is not cheap! If my father doesn't give me money, I can't afford it!"

"Ha ha, then you should work hard to make money! You can buy it even if you save the money for a year or so! "

"It will take a long time. Plus the production, it will take almost two years to get the car. It's too long!"

"Then I can do nothing to help! Ha ha! "

Seeing more and more people around mentioned Shadow, Harold felt happy and proud for Wendy from the bottom of his heart.

Jake Shangguan also heard that Zachary bought a new car. He came to the courtyard, looked at the car and sighed, "Father, why did you buy a new car all of a sudden?"

"What? Why should I tell you when I buy a car? " Zachary asked with a frown.

With a wry smile, Jake shook his head and said, "No, no, no. I didn't mean that. I just thought it was a sudden decision."

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