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   Chapter 241 The Aesthetic Taste Of The Emperor

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At this time, the fax machine printed out another piece of paper. When he opened it, she saw a design drawing of a business car, which said, "To my lover!"

Upon reading this, Harold's knitted brows finally relaxed.

Another piece of paper was printed out. "Do you like it? Is there anything that needs to be modified? "

Another one: "I'm too busy to spare time, so I have to make the car for Jeremy and grandfather first. These design drawings were drawn by me last night. Don't be angry! "

Another one, "I miss you so much. I wish I could graduate from high school and be with you in the capital as soon as possible."

Another piece of paper was printed out. This time, there was only cartoon characters on the paper. There was a boy and a girl in the picture. The girl hugged the boy with a shy expression on her face, and the boy's face was calm. Beside the girl, there were words, "Don't be angry, I need a hug."

Looking at the cartoon picture, Harold looked away unnaturally and put the picture at the bottom and the design drawing at the top.

Another picture was sent. It showed that the boy and the girl were far apart. The two of them were lying on the bed, squinting. It read, "Good night, remember to miss me."

After waiting in the study for a while, there was finally no drawing coming out. Then Harold took the drawing and left the study.

As soon as he came out, he happened to meet his parents who were going back to their rooms to have a rest. Looking at the documents in Harold's hands, Rachel said with concern, "Don't read the documents at home. Have a good rest!"

"No, this is the design drawing sent by Wendy." Harold handed over the design drawing.

"Design drawing?" Taking it over, Rachel smiled in surprise, "Look! The car designed by Wendy for you. It's so beautiful!"

Sheridan nodded with satisfaction, "Not bad."

"Do I have one?" Looking at the design sketch in surprise, Rachel smiled and said, "Thank you so much, Wendy. It's so beautiful!"

Turning to the next page and seeing the "To my lover" on it, Rachel giggled.

When he saw his mother's weird smile, something occurred to Harold. Before he could reach out his hand, Rachel continued to read.

Harold was in a hurry to take those drawings back. S

nd she sometimes praised them and sometimes smiled.

When she turned to the last drawing, Wendy couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Is this design serious? Oh my God! Red and green!"

Dillon laughed and said, "He has paid the deposit. He should be serious."

"It's a perfect display of the emperor Qianlong's aesthetic taste!" Tears welled up in Wendy's eyes as she laughed. "In fact, the design is good, but I suggest that the color should be changed. Red and black is good."

Wendy opened the website and selected the equipment in front of the computer according to the customer's choice. When it came to the color matching, she chose two plans.

One was mainly red with black as the color of the side bar, and the other was black with red.

Dillon's eyes lit up when he saw the design of Wendy. "It looks much better."

"Ask someone to contact this customer about these two pictures, to see if he is satisfied with these two colors. If he really insists that red and green... Then, just do what he wants to do!"

"Okay! I Know! Is there anything wrong with the other design drawings?"

"No, they are better than I thought!"

"There are two customers who choose our design. This is the customer's request. Do you have time to do the design drawing?"

"I will try my best to give it to you in this week."


After returning the company, Dillon asked someone to contact the customer. After a while, the customer gave up his aesthetic taste and chose the red and black color.

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