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There were many options, such as the front, the back, the door, the rear view mirror, and so on. People only needed to choose their favorite devices and click the Install button, and then they could online browse their DIY works.

They could choose the color of the car or any special printing.

"Eh? What did it mean by the direction of opening the door? The car doors were always open to the outside. Could it pull inward? It's not right to pull it inward!"

"There is a demonstration effect here. You can choose the A or B two options to have a look."


The man chose A, and the car door was opened normally in the pre view.

The man again chose B, and then they finally saw something special. In the screen, the door was opened upward, as if it had two wings.

Seeing this, the two of them exclaimed, "Wow! This is so cool! "

"It seems that Mr. Jeremy's car door is not like this today. Choose this one! It is so handsome!" The little brother exclaimed.

The two sat in front of the computer for a few hours. They clicked on almost every option to try different matching effects.

The little brother suggested, "Black seems a little too ordinary. Choose a purple one. It's cool."

"Purple? Queers always prefer purple. " His elder brother shook his head in a hurry, "Purple seems too coquettish. I don't want purple."

"Then blue. Don't always choose black. It's gloomy and doesn't look good!"

"Mr. Jeremy's is black. It's very beautiful!"

"That's because the designer can make good design, so it looks very beautiful. The one you designed doesn't look good with black. Just believe my taste. Choose blue!"

Under his little brother's persuasion, he chose blue. After all, this was his own design and he needed to have a look at it.

After another half an hour's observation, the man finally submitted his design drawing, and the page showed that he needed to pay a deposit.

The deposit was three million dollars. He could choose to pay the whole amount directly, and the whole amount would be six million dollars!

"What? The deposit is three million? Here is a line of words. If you don't want it in

on't you ask your grandfather's reaction?"

Harold finally said a long sentence. Wendy smiled and said, "I'm going to ask grandpa after I ask Jeremy. He must like it, right?"


It was one word gain.

Wendy smiled and said, "Harold, I've sent you some files. You can go to the study and have a look."


"Then shall I hang up? Bye." Wendy hung up the phone with a smile.

Harold stood aside with the phone, frowning slightly.

This was the first time that Wendy hung up the phone without comforting him. Harold was very depressed.

He was usually too busy at work, so when the two of them made a phone call, Wendy would tell a joke to make Harold happy. It was the first time that he had been treated like this.

Didn't Wendy like him anymore? It was the first time that Harold had lost faith in himself.

At the thought of the document that Wendy had sent to him, he guessed that she must have encountered some trouble and needed his help. Then Harold walked to the study.

At this time, a document had been sent over. Harold picked up the document and left. A SUV appeared on the design drawing.

It read, "TO Uncle Sheridan."

This is the car designed for Sheridan.

There was a design drawing of a car behind. The car on the drawing was different from the ordinary car, very cute and lively.

It read, "TO Aunt Rachel."

Why didn't she design a car for him? Harold frowned deeply.

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