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   Chapter 239 Personal Sale

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Jeremy looked at Harold in surprise. After a while, he nodded and said, "Good. You're enlightened."

Harold didn't say anything more about his best friend's tease. He sat in the car and looked carefully at the interior design of the car.

The more Jeremy looked at it, the more he exclaimed, "Your girlfriend has so many ideas in her mind. I don't know when she will come up with such a surprising idea."

Jeremy's undisguised attitude towards Wendy made Harold feel very happy, with a faint smile on his face.

"She is a good girl, but she is a little younger. Come on, let's go through it slowly." Jeremy thought of something and sighed.

The two of them were really in the same situation. One's situation was that the girl was still too young, and the other's that he had not yet show his love.

"Are you going to the Zheng family's party tonight?" Harold asked.

"I didn't plan to go. It seems that she will come back today." Jeremy nodded and said, "But I don't know when she will arrive. Since Wendy's car has been sent here, I can drive this car there tonight and leave in advance."

Harold asked, "Come back today? How long can she rest this time?"

"I don't know. Maybe less than a week. It's good to see each other even once." A smile of expectation appeared on Jeremy's face.

Harold said, "I'll go with you."

Jeremy sighed, "You don't like to join in the crowd. I didn't expect you to attend a banquet for Wendy. TSK, TSK, TSK, you've really changed a lot."

The two got out of the car. Jeremy walked to observe the other car and kept nodding and admiring.

"This car is also very beautiful! Wendy has the talent to be a designer! " Jeremy smiled, "If she doesn't want to be a racing driver, it's a good choice to be a designer."

"Bang! Bang!" A honk came from the door.

Harold walked over and opened the door. Zachary got out of the car and said with a smile, "Wendy called me and told me that the car was delivered. I'm here to see the car that my granddaughter gave me!"

"This way." Harold took

he had also ordered Shadow's car.

But in fact, Wendy didn't tell Harold that she had almost finished the design drawing. He thought that Wendy wouldn't give him a car, so he lied to everyone.

"Mr. Jeremy..."

Whether it was because they liked cars, vanity or dignity, people had surrounded Jeremy and Harold and kept asking about Shadow.

After the banquet, when people passed by Jeremy's car in the parking lot, they would consciously slow down, turn their heads in unison and look at Jeremy's new car with burning eyes.

"Mr. Jeremy's car is so beautiful! Unique! I also want a customized one! "

"What's the address? I'm also studying it when I go back home. I'm curious about the design Mr. Jeremy said. We don't know how to draw. How can we design by ourselves?"

"Go back and check online."

When people went home and logged in the website of Shadow, the home page displayed the poster of several sports cars. The website was very clean and bright.

There were two options, which were DIY or designer design.

Everyone was curious about how to design their own car and clicked DIY.

Several options appeared on the screen, such as car, off-road vehicle, sports car, convertible, touring car, nanny car and SUV.

Everyone chose the models they wanted according to their preferences, and then the page entered the design section.

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