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   Chapter 236 Close The Door

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At the beginning, Jason still wanted to argue, but the evidence that Linda and Walker went to Jason Group had proved by surveillance video, and the fingerprints on the envelope were indeed Jason's.

With all the evidence, Jason couldn't refute at all. He could only keep saying that he was innocent. These were all set up by the Summer Group. He said that Walker and Linda had been bribed by Albert, and they were in collusion and wanted to trap him.

But when he was asked why he gave Linda and Walker the money, he couldn't answer. He hemmed and hawed and didn't say anything.

Knowing the progress of the police investigation, Albert felt very sad. His former friend even sent people to set fire in his factory for money.

This was too vicious. Albert sighed, "I really didn't expect him to become like this. He is too strange."

"Uncle Albert, don't be too sad." Wendy changed the topic. "How is the new car going?"

"Well, it's almost done. It will be put into the market in two months."

"Okay." Wendy smiled, "What's your next plan, Uncle Albert?"

"What? What plan? " Albert thought for a while and said, "I just want to manage the company well. What other plans can I have?"

It seemed that Albert was too kind. A smile appeared on Wendy's face. "Don't you have any idea for the Jason Group?"

"Idea? Do you have any idea? " Albert was a little confused by Wendy's sudden question.

"Now the news about the attempted arson by Jason is being broadcast every day. Their cars can't be sold out at all, and the employees have quit one after another, and several managers seem to have left." Wendy raised her eyebrows and said, "If it goes on like this, Jason Group will go bankrupt soon. Don't you plan to take over it, Uncle Albert?"

Albert finally understood what Wendy meant. "You mean to acquire the Jason Group?"


"For what? Now Jason's reputation is too bad. Don't get Summer Group into trouble." Albert didn't want to buy it. He was so disappointed in Jason. He just wanted to stay away


The employee waved his hand to drive a fly away and scolded, "No one is there. It seems that Jason Motors can't hold on any longer."

"Alas, I resign this Friday. I can't go on like this."

"You quit?"

"I quit."

"Why? Although the car can't be sold, the basic salary is still good. It's easy to make a good salary! "

"We can't even sell the car. It won't be long before the Jason Group goes bankrupt. Do you think Jason can still afford our salary then? Let's go now. I heard that the 4S shop of the Summer Group has been opened in K City."

"You want to go to Summer Group?"

"Yes! The car is sold well and the salary is good. I think we should pursue something and there is no hope to continue to stay here. I'm going to the 4S shop in K City for an interview."

"What? I'm the only salesperson here! "

"You'd better leave now. Don't stay here. In the Summer Group, you can sell several cars at any time. The basic salary and the commission, and you can get a lot of money in a month."

"You are right! Well, I'll resign with you. Let's go to K City!"

"Ha-ha, Okay!"

Jason Group used to have six 4S shops in Y City, but now all the employees of the two shops had resigned, so they could only be closed.

The human resources personnel had dialed a lot of telephone numbers, but no employees could be found.

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