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   Chapter 235 Waiting

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The policeman went into the toilet, but there was no one in the pee pool, and the toilet door was closed.

He walked over and knocked on the door one by one, but no one answered.

Jason didn't want to expose his identity. The employees didn't make a sound because Jason told them not to speak.

So quiet?

Confused, the policeman knocked on the door one by one and asked, "Is anyone inside? I want to use the toilet! Why don't you say anything? How long will it take to finish? I can't hold it anymore!"

"Ha ha." Someone laughed.

The policeman followed the voice and knocked on the door. "Is anyone inside? Why didn't anyone speak when the door was closed since you are in it?"

Jason said impatiently, "Just wait."

The policeman didn't know Jason, nor did he know his voice. He knew that there were people inside. He thought for a while and had to pretend to be sad. "I'd better go back and continue to wait."

After saying that, the policeman went out. He waited outside. He didn't believe that Jason could stay in the bathroom all day long.

As time went by, some people came out of the toilet and some went into it, but Jason was patient and didn't come out.

The policemen standing outside the chairman's office couldn't wait any longer. Someone asked in confusion, "Why did it take him so long to go to the bathroom? Did he fall into the toilet?"

"Ha-ha, maybe he has constipation."

"How about sending someone to have a look?"

"Okay, I'll go and have a look."

The policeman went to ask the secretary how to get to the bathroom. The secretary was surprised to see that the previous policeman did not come out. Was Mr. Jason discovered?

What on earth did Mr. Jason do? Why did he hide from the police?

The secretary couldn't figure it out, but she had no choice but to bring the police there.

The two walked over and soon saw the previous policeman standing not far away against the wall.

"Why are you standing there? We have been waiting for you! "

"You should ask this lady." The policeman squinted at the secretary and said.

"What do you mean? Ask her? "

Damn it! It seemed that Mr. Jason's hiding place was exposed! The secretary pretended not to u

giarism was a big deal before, and the Central TV news broadcasted it every day. I've seen how you look like, Mr. Jason." The policeman didn't want to waste time with him. He said coldly, "Please come with us!"

Several employees came to the bathroom and saw that their colleague's mouth was covered and his hands were handcuffed. They asked in confusion, "What's wrong?"

Footsteps sounded. Everyone turned around and saw Jason and a policeman coming out of the bathroom.

Everyone was surprised and asked, "Mr. Jason? Why are you here? "

Jason, the Secretary and the employee who was about to inform Jason were taken back for investigation.

Jason was furious when he heard Walker told the police about him. "This is slander. I don't know Walker and Linda at all!"

"You don't know them? Linda went to your company Jason Group today."

"There are so many people in Jason Group. It's possible that someone took her in secretly. Why does it have anything to do with me?" Jason would never admit it. If he admitted it at this time, his life would be over!

The policeman took out a transparent plastic bag with an envelope in it. "You must be familiar with this thing, aren't you?"

"What is it? I don't know." Jason pretended to be ignorant.

"Linda said that you gave the money to her by yourself, so there must be your fingerprints on it. A fingerprints comparison will make us soon find the truth." Jason's heart sank as the police say these words.

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