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   Chapter 234 A Trip To The Toilet

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The onlookers didn't know what was going on, and no one dared to interfere in the work of the police.

At the same time, several policemen also went to the Jason Group.

"Mr. Jason, the police are coming!" The secretary rushed into the chairman's office and said breathlessly.

"What? The police are coming? Why are they here?" Jason was shocked and sat up from the sofa.

The secretary shook her head and said, "I don't know. They are coming up from the front reception desk now."

Jason thought for a while and said, "You, you tell them I'm not here!"

"What?" The secretary widened her eyes in surprise.

"What? Don't you understand me? Tell them that I'm not in the company and that I'm on a business trip. " Jason warned.

"Okay." The secretary nodded. Seeing the panic on Jason's face, she felt a little uneasy.

After telling the secretary what to do, Jason looked around, where could he hide when the police came up from the hall?

Yes, the toilet! He could go to the toilet to hide! After thinking it over, Jason rushed to the bathroom.

The policeman came to the door of the chairman and saw that there was no one inside. He frowned and asked, "Where is Mr. Jason?"

"Mr. Jason is on a business trip." The secretary answered nervously.

"On a business trip? Where is he going on a business trip?"

"I don't know."

The policeman questioned, "You are a secretary. Don't you know where your boss is on a business trip?"

"Well, I really don't know. I'm just a secretary. Mr. Jason doesn't need to report to me where he goes."

"When did he leave?"

"He left yesterday." The secretary lied.

The plain clothes police had reported that Jason wanted to see Linda, so he sent someone to take her to the Jason Group. But now, the secretary lied to them directly.

Fortunately, the plainclothes police found it, or they would be deceived.

"Are you sure Mr. Jason left yesterday?" The policeman asked, squinting his eyes.

The secretary lowered her head with a guilty conscience and said, "Yes, he left yesterday."

"When will he come back?"

"I don't know."

The police

urb me!"

"Okay, I see."

"Got it!"

The secretary pointed at the sign on the top and said, "The bathroom is in front of us, and the men's room is on the right."

"Okay, thank you. Go back to your work. I'll leave with my colleagues after I go to the bathroom."

"Okay." The secretary nodded and went back to her office with concern.

After washing his hands and walking out of the bathroom, the staff who had been tricked said indignantly, "Damn it! That fat pig Jason really broke his words. If I had known it earlier, I shouldn't have let him go to the bathroom and I would let him hold back his anger."

The policeman came over and happened to hear this. He stopped the employee and asked, "is Mr. Jason in the bathroom?"

"Yes!" The employee nodded. He looked at the policeman and asked in confusion, "Are you a policeman? What's the matter? "

The policeman smiled and said, "Mr. Jason and I are friends. I come to invite him to have a cup of tea."

The policeman repeated the words 'have a cup of tea', but the staff didn't find anything unusual. He thought it was really a treat.

"Oh, but there is a restroom in Mr. Jason's office. Why did he come to the staff restroom? It's so strange. " The staff murmured as he walked towards the office.

Hearing the staff's words, the police snickered in his heart. The famous Mr. Jason actually hid in the bathroom in order to avoid them.

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