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   Chapter 233 Run Away With Money

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 7129

Updated: 2020-05-18 00:13

"What else did they ask?"

"I pretended to faint and lured people away today, so they asked me where I felt uncomfortable and then didn't ask anything."

Jason took an envelope from the drawer and put it on the table. He said coldly, "Take the money and leave Y City as soon as possible."

Money? Linda was overjoyed. She grabbed the envelope and nodded happily, "Thank you, Mr. Jason..."

Linda looked at the hundred dollars in the envelope in disbelief. It was too little. It looked like only ten thousand dollars.

At first, she thought Jason had put a check in it, but she didn't expect that he would give her such a little money.

Linda frowned and said, "Mr. Jason, is it a little less?"

Jason scolded angrily, "You can't even do it well. Do you still want me to give you money? It's very kind of me to give you so much! If you don't want to stay in jail, get the money and get out of here! "

"Okay, okay, I'll go home and pack up and leave Y City now!" Linda took the envelope and left the company in a hurry.

The plain clothes police hiding in the dark saw that Linda came out alone, so he continued to follow her quietly.

In the police station, the police already knew that Linda had something to do with the arson case. In the interrogation room, the police asked, "Do you know the female employee Linda who fainted today?"

Did Linda get caught? Walker was shocked, but he didn't say a word. He didn't say anything even if the police asked him.

He didn't admit it or deny it. He just waited with the police.

The policeman smiled and said, "Do you still want to keep silent? With the surveillance video, do you think someone can save you out? I advise you to confess as soon as possible, so as to reduce your sentence. "

"If you keep silent like this, it will only be more disadvantageous to yourself. The person behind it will be free, but you will become a scapegoat. No one will care about your life or death."

Walker's heart sank. The police's words worked on him, and that was what he was most worried about.

The policeman observed the expression on Walker's face and continued to ad


The plain clothes police followed her to the train station and immediately understood Linda's intention. He hurried to find the police in the station to help him.

After buying the tickets, Linda could leave Y City in fifteen minutes. She didn't have to worry about it.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as she wished.

Several policemen came up to Linda. Her face changed dramatically. She asked nervously, "Well, what's up?"

"I'm a policeman from the Public Security Bureau of Y City. Please come with us."

"Why? Did you make a mistake? I, I have been to the Public Security Bureau of Y City today. They have asked me everything they should ask. Why do you still want me to go there?" Shaking her head, Linda said, "My mother is sick. I have to go back to my hometown."

The plain clothed policeman said, "Yes, we did ask what we should ask. But now we have new questions, such as about Jason."

When she heard the two name "Jason", Linda was so frightened that her legs went limp, and the luggage bag fell from her hand to the ground.

"Jason? I don't know Jason! You made a mistake! "

All the customers in the train station looked at them curiously. The plainclothes policeman didn't want to talk to her anymore, so he waved his hand to his colleagues to take Linda back.

"Let me go! Let me go! The police beat me! Help! You are against the law! Help!" Linda struggled in panic and shouted.

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