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   Chapter 232 Bragging

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Walker was taken to investigate. He kept saying that he was innocent and he was wronged.

The police admired Walker's acting skills. They had seen the surveillance video provided by the Summer Group and saw it with their own eyes. How could he say that he was innocent without shame?

The police didn't want to waste time on Walker, so they directly showed the copy of the surveillance video to him.

Walker looked at the computer with a stiff face. The policeman raised his eyebrows and asked, "Do you still want to say that you are innocent? Your every move has been clearly photographed by the camera. "

"Tell me, why did you set the fire?" The policeman asked.

'Damn it! The fire didn't get the surveillance video. What should I do? What should I do?' The evidence was conclusive. How could Jason save him?

Walker was in a mess!

The policeman observed his expression and continued to ask, "Why did you set the fire?"

Walker kept silent no matter how many questions the police asked him.

He had no choice but to keep silent. If he delayed for a while, Mr. Jason would save him. However, if he didn't want to save him... He had to prepare for the worst!

Linda was also taken to the police station for investigation. The police asked, "Do you know that someone in your factory set fire on purpose today?"

"I know."

"When did you know?"

Linda said nervously, "I went back to the factory from the hospital and saw the police car at the gate. I didn't know it until I went up and asked other colleagues."

"What's wrong with you?" The policeman asked.

"I just feel a little dizzy."

"Did the doctor tell you the reason why you felt dizzy?"

"No, I guess it's because I don't have a good rest recently."

"Why don't you have a good rest?"

Linda was slightly stunned. She thought for a while and lied, "My neighbor gave birth to a baby. The baby was so noisy that I couldn't sleep well at night."

"Oh, where do you live?" The policeman asked.

Linda widened her eyes and thought, 'is the police going to investigate whether my neighbor has given birth to a baby or not?

Seeing that Linda didn't say any

e neighborhood of Jason Group.

The taxi stopped not far away, and the man took Linda into the Jason Group unimpeded.

"Mr. Jason? Jason?" The plain clothed policeman immediately reported his findings.

The police who went to the hospital for an investigation received the order and ran to the community where Linda lived. They found that no one in the community had just given birth to a child, and there was no child crying at night.

Linda was lying from beginning to end.

In the CEO's office, Jason asked with a long face, "Why is the fire so small? Didn't I tell you to burn down the whole workshop? You'd better burn someone to death!"

"I, I don't know! Walker is in charge of the arson. I'm only responsible for luring people away." Lowering her head, Linda didn't dare to look at the furious Jason.

"Then why didn't you ask what happened?"

Shaking her head, Linda said, "I was too scared at that time. I didn't dare to go to the workshop. I was afraid that others would suspect me."

"Waste! You can't do anything well! " Jason yelled at Linda. He looked at her in disappointment and asked, "What did the police ask you just now?"

"Just asked me if I know Walker."

"What's your answer?"

"I just said I didn't know him. I seldom have contact with Walker in the company, and there are many employees in the factory. I don't think it will arouse the police's suspicion." Linda explained nervously.

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