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   Chapter 231 Cooperate With The Investigation

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Not far from the gate of the factory of Summer Motor Company, there was a figure furtively stretching out his head to look around. Seeing the police car go away, he tentatively came forward and asked, "Hello, I just saw a police car coming out. What's wrong with your factory?"

The employee thought for a while. After all, it was a matter in the factory, and it seemed a little inappropriate to tell others. He shook his head and said, "nothing."

"Nothing? Why are the police cars here? "

"Well, I have something else to do. I'm leaving now." The employee ran back to the factory in a hurry.

The man didn't give up. He asked several employees about it and finally knew that there was a fire in the factory of Summer Motor. The arsonist had been arrested by the police.

In the Jason Group, Jason was furious. "What? He was taken away? Is it serious?"

The man shook his head and said, "The fire should not be too big."

"Should? I want an exact answer. I don't want to hear the word 'should', 'maybe'!" Jason cursed angrily.

The man frowned and explained, "I asked. They didn't tell me about the fire, but I stared outside their factory for a long time and didn't see a fire engine coming, so I guess the fire is not big."

"These two losers! You can't do anything right!" Jason was so angry that he hit the table with his fist. "The two of them have been taken away?"

"Only Walker was taken away. Linda is safe now." The man explained.

"Damn it! You can't even set a fire. What a waste! "

The man frowned and asked, "Mr. Jason, will Walker and Linda betray us?"

"Yes! I'm afraid the two of them will betray me. No way. Give Linda the money and ask her to run away. You go to comfort Walker and tell him that we will find a way to get him out." Jason said.

"Yes, sir!"

When Linda returned to her office, her colleagues were discussing about the arson. The more she heard, the more nervous she became. Her mind was in a mess.

After struggling for a while, Linda thought she'd better run away.

nd said seriously, "We didn't say that you have anything to do with this case. We just want you to cooperate with us to investigate something."

"Just cooperate with your investigation? Aren't you going to catch me? "

"Just cooperate with the investigation. Let's go."

Seeing that the police didn't intend to arrest her, Linda took a deep breath and nodded, "Okay."

Linda got in the police car and went away.

The man sent by Jason stood still, stamped his feet angrily and scolded, "Damn it! I was a step late! Damn it! Now both Walker and Linda have been taken away!"

The man immediately ran back to the Jason Group to report what had happened to Linda.

On the other side, a man who claimed to be a distant relative of Walker came to the police station and made a scene. "Why do you arrest Walker? Why! He didn't break the law. You made a mistake."

"Calm down, sir. Please don't get in the way of our work."

"No, you have to give me an explanation why you arrested Walker."

The police came up to comfort the rioter. Hearing the strange voice, Walker didn't remember such a person among his relatives.

Was he sent by Mr. Jason? Yes, that's it. How could Jason stand by and watch him being caught when something happened to him? He would definitely find a way to save him!

Thinking of this, Walker gradually calmed down.

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