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   Chapter 226 Win The Case

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In the end, the court ruled that the Summer Group won the case. Jason Group compensated the Summer Group with ten million dollars, and all the cars plagiarized that had been sold out must be recalled and no sales was allowed.

This time, the Jason Group was speechless. His lawyer was not good enough and he lied to him to make him think that he could win the case by luck, but he did not expect that there was no room for maneuver.

suffer a big.

Knowing the verdict of the court, Wendy smiled happily. "He really gave us a lot of money! In the future, the employees of the Justice Department must receive regular training and be familiar with the laws of the country. There will definitely be many similar cases in the future. We have to apply for a patent and register a trademark. "

For example, the MIUI company, they not only registered the trademark of MIUI and Redmi, but also registered a series of similar names such as blackmi, whitemi, greenmi.

As long as someone got a similar name as MIUI to make its brand to be popular, the MIUI Company could use the weapon of law to protect its rights and interests.

Disney was known as a crazy copyright company. Seventy percent of their income was earned from lawsuits for infringement.

The Summer Group could also make a lot of money through lawsuits!

"Okay! I will arrange it. " Albert nodded and smiled.

Plagiarism was a big scandal, and the news of the capital city and other media were paying attention to it. On the second day after the verdict was issued, the news that Jason Group was defeated had been spread through newspapers or TV news.

In addition to the previous negative news, Jason Group had suffered a lot this time. It was estimated that it would not be able to recover in a short time.

There were more and more people in the Jason Motors 4S shop. They were afraid that they would lose money to the Summer Group and they couldn't get the refund, so they came to ask them to return the car as soon as possible.

The 4S shop was in a mess. The salesperson and security guards shouted to calm the customers down and maintain the order on the spot.

Some customers were so angry that they almost fought with each other.

The employees had been scolded for so many days and were in a bad mood. More and

, "If there are more people, you can find an excuse to ask them away, and then take the opportunity to set fire. Well, it's the best to burn people to death!"

"Burn people to death?" Walker and Linda widened their eyes in horror.

"Yes! Only when a person's life was involved could it make a scene! I'm not in a hurry. You can observe carefully in the car factory these days and find the suitable fire point. When it's done, I'll send you abroad immediately! " Jason said with a smile.

Walker bit his lower lip and hesitated. Finally, he discussed with Linda and decided to sell his soul for money.

Jason took out a stack of money from the drawer and gave it to Walker and Linda, "I'll give you some pocket money today. If you need anything, just tell me."

With the heavy money in his hand, Walker smiled and said, "Mr. Jason, we're leaving now!"

"Well, don't let me down!" Jason stood up and patted them on the shoulder. He even sent the two of them out of the office in person, Jason returned to his office with a smile, recalling the past in his mind.

Back then, Albert's car factory was suddenly burnt, and all the cars were burnt down, and even an employee was burnt to death.

The order couldn't be completed on time, and he needed to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages. Albert sold his house and cars but still had a lot of debts to pay.

Thinking of Albert's haggard face when he came to borrow money from him, Jason sneered, "I can defeat you in the past, and this time I will definitely do it!"

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