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   Chapter 222 Speak For Him

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"You are the one who should reflect on yourself!" Zoe signed, "Since you like Harold, you should show your good side in front of him instead of exposing your temper. You are always fine. Why did you lose your sense of propriety when you saw Harold?"

David shook head helplessly, "She's always fine? Don't you see how arrogant she is outside! She is so defiant! Just restrain your temper! "

Millay was about to lose her temper, but seeing David's bad look, she had to hold back her anger and looked at Zoe aggrievedly.

Zoe comforted her, "Don't be angry. Didn't you say that this dress suits me? I'll try it on."

"Okay." Millay nodded.

The father and the daughter waited outside without saying a word.

After changing her dress, Zoe came out and asked, "What do you think? Is it beautiful?"

"It looks good."


The father and the daughter were somewhat absent-minded. Seeing that they were in a cold war, Zoe sighed and changed her dress back.

Millay got a lot of pocket money every month, so she still could afford a dress. After paying, the three continued shopping in the mall.

Looking at the worried Millay, Zoe thought of what Wendy looked like just now. She opened her mouth and wanted to ask something. But after thinking for a while, she hesitated.

The three of them wandered around in the mall with their own thoughts.

On the other side, Wendy and Harold were shopping happily.

"Harold, what do you think of this one?"

"It's not bad."

After checking the size, Wendy nodded to the shop salesperson and said, "This one."


The shop salesperson wrapped the clothes into bags and asked, "Will you pay by card or by cash?"

"Pay by card." As soon as Wendy reached out for her wallet, Harold handed over his card.

She stopped him in a hurry and said, "We have a deal. I bought it for your mother. How can you pay?"

Wendy took out her bank card and handed it to the salesperson. "Use mine."

The saleswoman looked at the two cards i

an't carry these bags, then he is just a waste. We have bought so many things. Let's go to eat." Wendy, what do you want to eat?"

Wendy was a little worried about Harold. She just wanted him to put down the things in his hand. When she saw a beef steak shop nearby, she pointed at it and asked, "How about we go to eat beef steak?"

Seeing his granddaughter looking at Harold's hand from time to time, Zachary knew what was going on. He shook his head deliberately and said, "I'm too old to bite the steak."

That's right! Wendy asked, "Grandpa, what do you want to eat?"

"Well, how about eating Coconut Chicken? It's on the six floor of the shopping mall next door. It's really delicious! " Zachary suggested.

"What? It's so far away! "

"Not far! Young man, you can't even take these steps? "

"No, it's..."

Knowing that Zachary was testing him on purpose, Harold finally opened his mouth, "Wendy, I'm fine. Let's go."

"Let's go! He said he was fine! It's said that a married daughter is like water pouring out. You haven't married him yet, but you start to speak for him now?"

Wendy flushed and said, "No, I didn't."

"Let's go to have dinner."


The four of them came to the shopping mall next door and asked for a private room. At last, Harold was able to put down the things in his hands.

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