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   Chapter 221 Make A Scene

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"I like Harold! I like him! " Millay said stubbornly.

"Alas! People should learn to judge the situation. Give up on him, or you will only hurt yourself. " David persuaded.

Thinking of something, Millay sat up from the sofa and said excitedly, "Dad, you and mom got married for business. How about our family and the He family also have a commercial marriage?"

"Puff!" David, who was drinking tea, spat it out.

"Dad, please!" Millay said in a spoiled manner as she sat next to David.

David shook his head and said, "Sheridan didn't get married for business. He won't, neither will his son. You'd better give up this idea! "

"Dad, how do you know it won't work if you don't give it a try?"

"I know it even without a try. Stop talking about it!" David turned around and continued to watch TV.

Millay pouted discontentedly and lay on the sofa to rest.

When Zoe Zhang came over with the syrup of plum, she heard Millay complain to David. "What's wrong with Millay? Why are you angry with your father?"

Millay stood up and took the syrup of plum to drink. The sweetness made her feel much better.

While drinking, she told Zoe Zhang her thought, "Mom, won't you help me?"

"Well, all right. I'll try to know what Rachel means in a few days." Zoe thought for a while and nodded.

"Yeah! hooray! Mom, you are the best! " Millay hugged Zoe happily.

David said helplessly, "You're just a kid. You don't focus on your study. Why do you think about these things all day long! You're going to take the college entrance examination in one year. Don't screw it up. Or I'll pay for your college. "

"Ah! Don't worry! Just rest assured!" Millay hated to hear adults' chatter the most.

The second day, when Wendy got up and went downstairs for breakfast, Rachel, who was sitting in the living room, smiled and said, "Wendy, you get up so early? Why don't you have a good sleep? "

"I've sl

ts your mother, I won't take advantage of you. We are leaving now. How dare you question me if I was kidding you? I really can't understand what you are thinking."


"Millay! Don't be presumptuous! " David walked up and pulled Millay behind him. "This child has been spoiled by her mother since childhood. She spoke without thinking just now. Don't be angry."

"It's okay. We're not angry." Wendy shook her head and said, "We need to go first."


Seeing that Wendy and Harold were leaving, Millay was so excited that she wanted to go on. But David held her hand tightly to prevent her from following them.

"Dad! Why are you holding my hand! Really! "

David said ruthlessly, "You haven't done enough, have you? Look at you! You don't look like a lady from an eminent family! Just like a shrew! If I were Harold, I would choose Wendy instead of you!"

"You!" Millay was pissed off. She grabbed Zoe's hand and said, "Mom, dad said that to me! Is he really my father? I even suspect that I am not his daughter! "

Zoe frowned and said, "What are you talking about! Your father is right. Don't make a fuss here!"

"Mom!" Holding back her anger, Millay shook Zoe's hand and said with a spoiled manner, "Mom, why did you also say this to me?"

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