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   Chapter 220 Take Advantage Of You

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Harold looked at the girl who was laughing happily beside him and felt nervous.

The speed of the roller coaster was very fast, and it was shaking very fast. Harold reached out to touch Wendy's head and rubbed it.

Millay, who was sitting behind Harold, kept screaming, in sharp contrast to the two people who were quiet in front of her.

The roller coaster finally stopped at the beginning. While everyone was still in a state of shock, Wendy quickly turned around and kissed on Harold's cheek. At the same time, she quickly picked up the camera hanging on Harold's neck and aimed at the two of them, pressing the shutter several times.

The shutter was pressed quickly for several times.

Wendy took the advantage and began to appreciate her masterpiece.

In the photos, Harold looked at the camera in surprise. Wendy closed her eyes and kissed him. They were all very good.

She returned the camera to Harold and said, "Don't delete these photos!"

"Okay." Harold didn't refuse and took the camera obediently.

The two of them moved away hand in hand again. No one remembered that Millay was still there.

After vomiting for a long time, Millay finally got out of breath. She wiped her mouth and looked around, but she didn't see Harold. She punched the tree trunk angrily.

"Damn it! Why doesn't Harold show any mercy to women! Ouch! It hurts! My hand hurts! Ohh...Ohh..."

Millay was so unlucky today. She had come to the amusement park with her friends to play some games such as bumper cars and sky wheel. The most terrifying one was to play pirate ships.

If it weren't for Harold, she wouldn't have gone to the roller coaster.

Now that she had thrown out all the food, and Harold had lost too. She felt so regretful.

It was not until Wendy walked to the big bell and looked at the screaming crowd that she remembered Millay, who had been following them all the time.

"Well, Millay didn't follow us anymore!" Asked Wendy in surprise.

"Leave her alone. Do you want to play this?" Harold asked.



Without the existence of a

oller coaster?" Asked David, frowning.

"It's hard to say." Millay leaned on her mother's shoulder and acted like a spoiled child, "Mom, I feel dizzy. I want to eat the syrup of plum you made."

Her mother let her lie down on the sofa with concern. "Okay, okay. You can lie down and have a rest. I'll cook the syrup of plum for you."

"Mom, you are the best!" Millay smiled sweetly.

Glancing at his wife's receding figure, David asked in a low voice with a frown, "Did you meet that young man from the He family?"

Millay opened her eyes in surprise and looked at him. "Dad, how do you know?"

"Humph! I have raised you for so many years. How can I not know what you are thinking? " David shook his head helplessly and said, "You have always been arrogant and look down upon others, except for the boy from the He family. It's impossible for you to ride a roller coaster with other friends, so I guess you have met Harold."

"By the way, Harold doesn't seem to be the kind of people who will go to that place. Is he..." David asked in surprise, "Are you together?"

"No way! He doesn't like me at all!" Thinking of being ignored all the time today, she cried sadly.

David frowned and said, "Don't cry, my girl, don't cry. There are so many young men from rich families in the capital. Jeremy is also a good man. He has never been involved in gossip like Harold. You..."

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